GELITA returned to the 2017 Engredea Trade Show in Anaheim, Calif., to showcase its optimized and tailor-made gelatins for the world’s most popular delivery systems—such as gummies and hard- and soft-capsules. Likewise, Gelita highlighted its latest innovations and scientific research in collagen peptide development. 

“Bioactive Collagen Peptides® have considerable stimulation effects on the body’s collagen metabolism,” says company spokeswoman Lara Niemann. “Our commitment to extensive clinical research, optimized production processes and technical know-how puts GELITA far above the competition.”  

Collagen: The Body’s Protein

Although not a new discovery, the human body’s protein is comprised of about 30% collagen—making collagen the most abundant protein in humans. This is exciting because of the advances in collagen peptide research as it relates to human physiology and the body’s collagen metabolism. 

Recent research studying GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides® offer promise through collagen peptide supplementation with significant impact on musculoskeletal and skin health. In particular, the specific collagen peptides from GELITA are studied and proven to be useful in serious health issues related to aging, such as protein malnutrition (BODYBALANCE®), joint or bone problems (FORTIGEL® and FORTIBONE®) and loss of skin vitality (VERISOL®). 

With their special nutritional and technological properties, these pure proteins are enjoying increasing popularity in the food and dietary supplements market — and not just because they can easily be incorporated into diverse supplement and food applications. 

As they are hydrolyzed to a certain extent, they can be readily absorbed by the body and are easily digestible as well as highly bioavailable. They are free from fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, gluten and do not contain purines. Collagen peptides are non-allergenic and are perfectly suited for the development of clean label products.

Bioactive collagen peptides can be used to develop innovative products such as beverages and shakes, bars, gels, powders, gummies and diverse fortified foods – all contributing to healthy nutrition. And, these versatile collagen ingredients can bridge the gap between product categories such as food and cosmetics or food and pharma.


GELITA is the leading company for manufacturing and marketing collagen proteins. Coordinated from the headquarters in Eberbach, Germany, GELITA provides customers around the world with products of the highest standard, comprehensive technical expertise and sophisticated solutions. More than 20 sites and a global expert network ensure that state-of-the-art know-how is always available for customers. With 140 years of experience in the field of collagen proteins are the basis of GELITA’s performance. A strong requirement for innovation is the driving force of the family-owned company that is always looking for new solutions for food, pharmaceutical, health & nutrition as well as for technical applications.

Within the range of collagen proteins, GELITA supplies collagen peptides with proven body-stimulating capabilities, tailor-made gelatines and non- or partly- water soluble collagens. This holistic range of products in combination with its vast experience in developing solutions for different applications makes GELITA first choice for its customers. In today’s landscape of highest consumer demands, manufacturers of food products have to rely on natural, healthy, non-allergenic ingredients for their developments. Collagen proteins from GELITA are the perfect match for this as they fulfill all of these requirements, a particular plus being the fact that they are foodstuffs in their own right (e.g. no E-number). They also possess a set of unique technical and physiological properties. 

Besides the traditional use of collagen proteins as natural stabilizers and emulsifiers for countless products, they enable manufacturers to provide their products with other properties which are becoming more and more important. GELITA has intensified its research in developing solutions for physical mobility, body toning and beauty from within.

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