GELITA welcomes SupplySide West visitors to “Take the Challenge” at Booth #4465 as GELITA showcases mobility solutions, delivery formats and BCP® solutions for health and nutrition formulations. GELITA also will introduce its next-generation gelatin for sugar-reduced, protein-enriched, and beauty gummies.

Amazing Collagen
Collagen is a trending ingredient and has consumers’ attention around the world.  The possibilities with Bioactive Collagen Peptides are endless!  GELITA’s roster of Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) will support health and nutrition formulation challenges by help addressing condition specific needs. GELITA’s ingredients are clinically substantiated for:

•  Keeping ligaments and tendons healthy and flexible (TENDOFORTE®), Supporting joint health and mobility (FORTIGEL®),
•  Improving bone mass density and supporting bone stability and flexibility (FORTIBONE®),
•  Body toning and muscle strength (BODYBALANCE®).
•  Improving skin elasticity, nail growth, hair strength, and wrinkle and cellulite reduction (VERISOL®).    

Amazing Gelatin
Gelatin also is a key ingredient for precision delivery formats. Gelatin has been long used for manufacturing capsules. As a supplier, GELITA keeps adapting to growing requirements and expectations for the industry. By choosing the correct gelatin from GELITA’s release portfolio, manufacturers can modify the specific effect, timing, and duration of the fill release to tie in with targeted consumer needs.

To cater to the growing consumer interest in gummies, GELITA is offering next-generation gelatin for this category.

Do you need help starting your own team? GELITA Health Inc., a subsidiary of GELITA AG, can provide you with a shelf-ready collagen product labeled as, "Made in the USA." Our goal is to provide customers with a game plan to create innovative private label products in their selected application area through tailor-made recipes to individual packaging requirements. Strategize with GELITA Health and take advantage of our expertise, resources, and network to reach your goal faster!

Visit, Compete & Taste!
•  Compete for the most steps taken during the show at the GELITA Step Challenge.
•  Join us for the Healthy Aging Education Session: “Desire for the Healthy Aging Driving the Personalized Nutrition Market.”
•  Taste the challenge! We will serve a daily healthy menu of food and beverage items in the GELITA Cafe at the Tasting Bar.
•  Join us for the GELITA Lunch Brief: “Versatile Benefits of Collagen: Precision Delivery Formats & Clinically Studied Ingredients.” 
• Have some drinks and snacks with us ate the GELITA Challenge Reception: November 2, 3:00-4:00 p.m. at the SupplySide Garden.

GELITA is the leading company for manufacturing and marketing collagen proteins. Coordinated from the headquarters in Eberbach, Germany, GELITA provides customers around the world with products of the highest standard, comprehensive technical expertise and sophisticated solutions. More than 20 sites and a global expert network ensure that state-of-the-art know-how is always available for customers. Nearly 150 years of experience in the field of collagen proteins are the basis of GELITA’s performance. A strong requirement for innovation is the driving force of the family-owned company that is always looking for new solutions for food, pharmaceutical, health & nutrition as well as for technical applications.