Dreaming Cow Creamery, the maker of grass-fed and 100% pasture-raised cream top yogurt, announced a new line of products called LUSH, a nutrient dense grass-fed and 100% pasture-raised yogurt drink that blends fruits with one full serving of vegetables and more than 20 billion clinically proven probiotics for wellness on-the-go. LUSH makes it easy for people to add more vegetables to their diet and represents Dreaming Cow’s commitment to innovation and being thoughtful about what consumers want.

Dreaming Cow is known for its grass-fed, 100% pasture-raised cream top yogurt that is sold in more than 3,500 stores nationwide. Dreaming Cow is the only national yogurt brand that exclusively sources their whole milk from their own family dairy farms, which have been focused on the humane treatment of cows and sustainable farming since 1993. Dreaming Cow is also the only national yogurt brand that has cows intensively graze fresh grass every day of the year creating a higher quality and healthier yogurt.