Lotus Foods introduced Organic Rice Delights, a better-for-you version of beloved marshmallow rice treats. These delightfully crisp and chewy rice treats are made with organic brown, red and black rice sourced from small family farms using climate-friendly methods that yield more rice with less water and less work for women.

Lotus Foods Rice Delights are vegan and gluten-free, and sweetened with organic coconut nectar. They are an excellent source of fiber with 6 grams per serving, and very low in sodium. The three "delightful" flavors include: Lemon Ginger, Chocolate Coconut, and Matcha Mint. Launching in June 2017, Rice Delights will be available with a SRP of $1.99 at Whole Foods Market, Amazon.com and lotusfoods.com.

The organic rice used in the Rice Delights is sourced from farmers using More Crop Per Drop™ ecological practices like the System of Rice Intensification, which regenerates soils and biodiversity, reduces water used to irrigate rice, cuts greenhouse gas emissions and lightens women's workloads.