Lotus Foods extended its line of heirloom, organic and specialty rices with an Organic Red Rice from Madagascar, now available in 15-ounce retail bags and bulk 22-pound bags.

"This is an important breakthrough" says Caryl Levine, Lotus Foods Co-Founder/Co-CEO. "We transitioned from a beloved Bhutan Red Rice to the Malagasy Red Rice, which represents our commitment to farmers who are not only growing rice organically but with agroecological methods that produce more rice with less seeds and water." Globally called the System of Rice Intensification, or what the company calls More Crop Per Drop™, farmers can double and triple their rice yields using up to 50% less water and 80-90% less seed. "Higher yields from the same plot with MCPD™ and organic price premiums can increase incomes, reduce methane gas emissions, and relieve pressure on what is left of Madagascar's biodiverse rainforest, " explains Levine. Madagascar is rich in natural resources but one of the world's poorest countries. "Farmers are selling only a portion of their harvest to Lotus Foods," Levine notes. "Most of it goes into local markets to meet local food needs. This is a win-win for everyone."

It is a 100% whole grain with a rich nutty flavor that cooks in 30 minutes.

"Our new Organic Red Rice is a healthier option," notes Ken Lee, Lotus Foods' other Co-Founder/Co-CEO. "Since the country's farmers have been too poor to afford synthetic agrochemicals, soils and water are uncontaminated with fertilizer and pesticide residues, which can contain arsenic as well as other heavy metals. Further, research shows that growing rice aerobically—a key principle of More Crop Per Drop™—can reduce the presence of arsenic in rice." Preliminary tests confirm these findings.

The company's introduction of the Organic Red Rice coincides with the launch of its 'Do the Rice Thing' campaign, which draws attention to the benefits of More Crop Per Drop™ growing methods for water and women.