The Farmer’s Daughter captures sweet heat in its new line of hot pepper jelly Founded by husband and wife duo Primo and Kara, The Farmer’s Daughter has launched a line of hot pepper jellies that prove a little sugar pairs well with a little spice. Primo, developer of the “7 Pot Primo,” arguably the hottest pepper in the world, and Kara, a steward of traditional Southern Louisiana cuisine, combine their expertise and passions to master the complex flavors of sweet and heat. The duo partnered with the team at The Brandit to create a package design that captures both the traditional taste of the recipe as well as its “halo and horns” approach to life—and peppers. 

"The Brandit unlocked our artistic ambitions,” said Troy Primo, Co-founder of Primo’s Peppers, “and visually captured the scope and spirit of our product. Harnessing our minds-eye, they took a great tasting product and made it visibly delightful!" 

The label designs showcase the unique fruit and pepper ingredients with intertwining illustrations based on each flavor of jelly. Primo and Kara’s attention to quality and consistency is captured in the intricate detail of the artwork. And the vibrant colors represent the complex flavors contained in each jar. 

“There’s a beautiful complexity to these hot pepper jelly products,” said Matt Ebbing, Creative Director at The Brandit. “Our design team set out to capture all the intricate depth of the product, but had to keep it approachable. The result is a hypnotic wonder that looks special, but not out of place at the grocery store, and yet can totally hold it’s own with gourmet foodies. “ 

The three jellies now available are: Fig & Habanero, Citrus & Spice, and Strawberry & Cayenne. 

All of the flavors make excellent marinades, sauces, or, if you just need to spice up your day, simply serve with cream cheese as a snack. About The Brandit: The Brandit is a boutique brand development, graphic design and marketing agency specializing in food and beverage packaging.