PROVA is a leading global manufacturer of vanilla, cocoa and coffee extracts and flavors for the food and beverage industries. Now the company offers more than 30 PROVA allergen-free nut flavors to address consumers’ nut allergy concerns. Flavor offerings include peanut, pecan, pistachio, coconut, pine nut, almond, cashew and hazelnut.

“Three million of the more than 15 million consumers who have food allergies need to avoid nuts to prevent allergic reactions that can be quite severe,” says William Graham, PROVA’s vice president, sales, North America. “Beyond understanding that nut allergies pose a serious medical concern, there’s the economic impact of children’s allergies, which is presently about $25 billion a year.”

In spite of the fact that allergies to nuts are common, they are widely used because they are considered to be a healthy ingredient that can enliven the taste of an abundance of dessert and food items. PROVA technology has found the solution to the nut allergy challenge in a new line of 30 allergen-free natural type nut flavors that are well suited to a wide range of products. 

Peanut, pecan, pistachio, coconut, pine nut, almond, cashew and hazelnut are among the allergen-free natural type nut flavors now available from PROVA. These flavors capture unmistakable good taste without imparting the effects of troubling components that trigger allergic reactions. 

PROVA’s allergen-free nut flavors come in liquid and powder form. A comprehensive list of them is available by calling 1-877-PROVA US or contacting Customers are encouraged to request a meeting with a nut flavor specialist to learn more about formulating or reformulating their products to meet the needs of a growing number of consumers who are reporting allergies to nuts and products made with nuts.

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PROVA is a leader in the manufacture of vanilla, cocoa and coffee extracts and flavors for the food and beverage industry. When PROVA was founded in France in 1946, it brought an original extraction technology and soon became known as one of the world’s major vanilla pod processors. Through its targeted and diverse focus on cocoa, coffee and vanilla, PROVA holds a strong position as a specialist in sweet brown flavors. In addition, PROVA offers a line of gourmet flavors that includes caramel, pastry and non-allergenic nuts. 

PROVA's headquarters in France features integrated processing of raw materials and product creation and development services which are complemented by a US presence in Danvers, Mass., where continuing expansions are underway. PROVA products are distributed worldwide through an efficient network of knowledgeable sales and technical professionals.