New Verdad® Opti Powder N70 offers an unmatched combination of versatility, convenience, clean labeling, sodium reduction and outstanding microbial control in a convenient powder format.

Corbion introduces Verdad® Opti Powder N70, an antimicrobial solution that delivers the functionality and attributes most important to processors of uncured meat products—without the drawbacks of competing solutions. 

Some antimicrobials offer effective pathogen control and longer shelf life—but have undesirable consumer labeling. Some processed meat formulations pose unique challenges in terms of high moisture, low salt levels and higher pH, which makes Listeria monocytogenes control very difficult. Powdered antimicrobial solutions offer the meat manufacturer convenience, but often have high sodium content. Improved product yield and texture can often come at the expense of flavor and appearance. 

Corbion's proprietary Verdad® Opti Powder N70 delivers food safety and shelf life without compromising product quality. This valuable solution, coupled with Corbion's Listeria Control Model (CLCM) and Corbion Protection Comparator (CPC), can help processors design optimum solutions for each formulation and shelf life needs. Verdad® Opti Powder N70 provides processors of uncured meats with:

•    Pathogen protection, in particular, superior control of Listeria monocytogenes for long shelf life (90-150 days

•    Inhibition of Clostridium perfringens and Clostridium botulinum in uncured formulations.

•    A convenient powdered ingredient format, which makes handling, blending, storage and shipping easier. The higher concentration offered by a powder also lowers usage levels.

•    35% less sodium compared to competing powdered antimicrobials.

•    No impact on product flavor or color.

•    An alternative to the high cost of HPP.

•    Clean, simple labeling options; labeled as “Cultured Sugar, Vinegar.”

"The Verdad® Opti Powder N70 solution is the result of Corbion's relentless focus on clean-label antimicrobials that improve food safety, enhance pathogen control and extend product shelf life,” says Tom Rourke, PhD, director business development at Corbion. "Being able to effectively combat Listeria, achieve shelf life goals and provide Clostridium control with a single solution is powerful for processors. Having it in the convenience of a powder just adds greater efficiencies, and with less sodium and clean labeling options, the final product becomes even more attractive to the end consumer. It's a solution inspired by our customers' wish lists."

With Verdad® Opti Powder N70 processors can:

•    Expand their geographical reach, gaining share in markets that were previously too distant to meet shelf life expectations.

•    Reduce product returns and complaints.

•    Reduce or eliminate reliance on expensive High Pressure Processing to achieve shelf life goals.

•    Deliver a quality product for label-focused consumers looking for a "cleaner, simpler" ingredient list.

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