Cup Noodles launched instant noodle cup containing one full serving of vegetables: Cup Noodles Very Veggie. Following last year's landmark recipe change, which featured a significant sodium content reduction and the removal of artificial flavors and added MSG2, Nissin® Cup Noodles launch of Very Veggie shows that the brand can innovate. As consumers look for ways to include more vegetables in their daily diet, Cup Noodles Very Veggie is the first and only instant noodle cup to feature one full serving of vegetables.

The new Cup Noodles Very Veggie is available in three flavors - Chicken, Spicy Chicken and Beef – and each will feature a full serving of vegetables with a mix of edamame, carrots, broccoli, corn, green beans, cabbage, red bell pepper and tomatoes (vegetables vary per flavor). This product extension speaks to increased consumer demand for vegetables, while maintaining the same great taste fans have adored for years. Like the original Cup Noodles, it also has no added MSG2 or artificial flavors.  Additionally, the new Cup Noodles Very Veggie products come in a microwavable cup – perfect for hungry consumers in a rush.