The makers of Pop-Tarts are encouraging consumers to insert a popsicle stick into Pop-Tarts and freeze them for a new sweet treat.

By inserting a popsicle stick and dropping the thermometer a few dozen degrees, consumers can create a new taste sensation. 

The company tested six varieties that may work best as frozen varieties.

Favorite Frosty Flavors:

- Frosted Hot Fudge Sundae to Not-Very-Hot Fudge Sundae
- Frosted Chocolate Fudge to Chilly Chocolate Fudge
- Frosted Cookies & Crème to C-C-C-Cookies & C-C-C-Crème
- Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon to Frosted Brrrown Sugar Cinnamon 
- Frosted Strawberry to Frosty Strawberry 
- Frosted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to Cool Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough