Amelia Bay, a premier provider of quality brewed tea, has added a blog component to its website’s Knowledge Center. 

The beverage industry is a fast-moving category, and Amelia Bay’s frequent posts provide insight to help customers navigate its changes successfully. The blog covers topics such as the latest beverage trends and emerging flavors, the benefits of incorporating brewed tea into an existing line, how to achieve clean label attributes, and ways to streamline production.

“We felt the time was right to launch a blog aimed at helping beverage manufacturers better understand the benefits of using brewed tea ingredients,” says John Harper Crandall, Amelia Bay’s vice president of sales. “The clean label movement continues to grow, and it is really affecting the beverage industry.

“You see established products revisiting and revising their ingredient statement to use ingredients that offer a cleaner label, and this is where Amelia Bay experts can really help. Our blog highlights some of our custom, drop-in solutions that enable manufacturers to make a real artisan product with real ingredients,that people can pronounce and recognize.”

Amelia Bay’s blog content focuses on helping manufacturers create the next great-tasting, on-trend, successful beverage. 

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Recent posts include:

The kombucha craze–Business is booming for kombucha, and manufacturers are seeking ways to add this unique beverage to their current lineup. Amelia Bay discusses the challenges of kombucha production and solutions to streamline the manufacturing process that will save manufacturers’ time, money, and labor.

Brew your own tea or have it brewed for you–Many beverage manufacturers launch brands using small batch methods, then later encounter challenges as they seek solutions to increase batch size. This post analyzes the challenge and offers Amelia Bay alternatives to improve manufacturing processes. 

“Our blog frequently highlights consumer trends,” Crandall adds. “For instance, when today’s consumer selects a beverage in a grocery or convenience store, the first thing they do is look at the ingredient statement, which is a change in buying habits from twenty years ago. People are very conscious about what is on the ingredient statement and nutrition panel. 

“Amelia Bay’s advanced brewing technology method allows manufacturers to deliver both a clean label and a consistently high-quality product to meet the growing market. And while consumers are looking for clean labels, they also expect consistently good tasting and high-quality beverages. Our team of formulation experts showcase how our advanced brewing technology with closed, continuous brewing and all-natural optimization methods truly capture tea’s essential flavor profile in every batch, ensuring a great tasting beverage that is sure to be a success.”

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Amelia Bay was founded in 1989 with the specific objective of developing new manufacturing technology that captures the true essence and taste of brewed tea and coffee. They are recognized as the "Industry Leader" for brewed liquid tea extracts that truly reflect the key elements of expertly brewed tea and coffee. Amelia Bay strives to be a one-stop destination for technological brewing and custom formulation that results in exceptional finished beverages set to customer specifications. All of Amelia Bay's products are brewed, blended, extracted and formulated in the USA.

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