Amelia Bay, the premier provider of quality brewed tea, will sample some of the latest on-trend tea and coffee formulations at IFT 2018 in Chicago. Be sure to stop by IFT Booth #S1421, sample a beverage, and find out how you can create a premium beverage with a beautiful clear appearance and pure taste that consumers prefer. 

The following great tasting, clean and clear tea and coffee beverages will be available:

•    Organic Matcha green tea with pineapple and mango

•    Premium brewed organic sweet black tea

•    Premium brewed organic unsweetened black tea

•    Organic cold brew coffee with mocha

Amelia Bay offers beverage manufacturers brewed teas that are not only clean label, but easy to use versus batch steeping or using instant tea powders, and can significantly reduce batching times. Our formulations are simply blended in batch tanks, pasteurized, and can be hot-filled or cold-filled for a beautiful, stable finished beverage free from sedimentation or clouding. Blended, brewed and formulated in John's Creek, Ga. 

If you are creating a new beverage brand or are simply trying to reformulate for a cleaner label and more balanced flavor profile Amelia Bay is your one-stop shop. Amelia Bay researchers can assist everyone—from small or mid-sized new brands to national brands with a large established footprint. 

Looking to move your brand to multiple packing facilities? Amelia Bay brewed tea can offer you consistency from batch to batch across multiple geographic regions.

Visit IFT Booth #S1421 or for more information.

About Amelia Bay

Amelia Bay was founded in 1989 with the specific objective of developing new manufacturing technology that captures the true essence and taste of brewed tea and coffee. They are recognized as the "industry leader" for brewed liquid tea extracts that truly reflect the key elements of expertly brewed tea and coffee. 

Amelia Bay strives to be a one-stop destination for technological brewing and custom formulation that results in exceptional finished beverages set to customer specifications. All of Amelia Bay's products are brewed, blended, extracted and formulated in the USA.

Amelia Bay
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