One bottle of BiPro’s orange-flavored caffeinated protein water contains 100 milligrams of caffeine, equivalent to an eight-ounce cup of coffee, and 20 grams of protein. With protein and caffeine together, BiPro Caffeinated Protein Water is a power-packed drink designed for busy, health-conscious consumers.

Orange BiPro Protein Water stays true to BiPro's clean label promise. The beverage is all natural and made of just six ingredients. The drink's caffeine content comes from guarana extract, a natural, plant-based source. Similar to other BiPro Protein Water flavors, the new product is just 90 calories per bottle with zero grams of sugar, fat or carbohydrates.

The benefits of protein in exercise are well documented, but caffeine is gaining a foothold as an ingredient that can improve peoples' workout routines. Various studies suggest that consuming caffeine before a workout can improve upper-body strength training and overall muscular performance. Another study found that ingesting caffeine before a 1500-meter run can improve one's time by an average of 4.2 seconds.

Orange is the fourth flavor of BiPro Protein Water, in addition to lemon, berry and peach. BiPro products are available at,, Lunds & Byerlys, Life Time Fitness and other affiliate locations.