For ice cream lovers who only indulge on special occasions or limit themselves to a weekly treat, Ben & Jerry's has created Moo-phoria™, a new line of light ice cream with satisfyingly euphoric flavors. 

Moo-phoria pints are full of chunks and swirls, along with rich and creamy vanilla, chocolate, caramel and peanut butter flavors. The new flavor contains 60 to 70% of fat and at least 35% of the calories found in traditional ice cream. Each 0.5 cup serving of Moo-phoria has 140-160 calories. And like all Ben & Jerry's flavors, Moo-phoria doesn't have artificial sugar substitutes or sugar alcohols.

"Ben & Jerry's tries to offer a little bit of something for everyone," said Dena Wimette, Senior Innovation Manager. "We're excited to have an incredible new option for our fans who say they can't be trusted with a pint of Ben & Jerry's in their freezers."

Moo-phoria pints are available in three flavors:

• Chocolate Milk & Cookies: Chocolate and vanilla light ice cream swirled with chocolate chip cookies. 140 calories per half-cup serving.

• Caramel Cookie Fix: Vanilla light ice cream with shortbread cookies and salted caramel swirl. 150 calories per half-cup serving.

• PB Dough: Chocolate light ice cream with gobs of chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough. 160 calories per half-cup serving.

In addition to the famous chunks and swirls, Ben & Jerry's sources organic milk and cream for the base mix of each Moo-phoria flavor.

Moo-phoria is coming soon to grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $4.89.