Major metropolitan locations across the United States are part of a multi-regional launch of light-alcohol beverage brand PRESS, a fruit and spice infused alcohol seltzer. Regional location launches were selected based on market demographics including active lifestyle populations, established and burgeoning “foodie” cultures and vibrant restaurant and entertainment scenes.

PRESS offers an option to lower-alcohol beverages like beer and wine, and appeals to health-conscious consumers with reduced carb and calorie counts. The lighter, cleaner flavors of PRESS—with no artificial colors or aftertaste normally associated with sweeter, “malternative” beverages—pair with virtually any event or cuisine. PRESS represents a true point of difference that consumers are embracing as they venture beyond traditional beer and wine offerings. Entrepreneur and brand founder Amy Walberg is hoping that 2018 will be “the summer of seltzer.”

Lighter alcohol content, lower calorie and carbohydrate counts and the unique flavor profiles are winning combinations and Walberg is already expanding beyond popular selections like Pomegranate Ginger, Grapefruit Cardamom and Blackberry Hibiscus.

PRESS uses premium, all-natural ingredients and gluten-free sparkling seltzer to produce a beverage featuring 6g of carbohydrates and 100 calories per serving. The beverage is comparably priced with competing premium products at $6.49--$7.99 for a four-pack and sampler eight-packs coming in at $11.65--$12.49.