Brenntag North America, Inc., part of Brenntag Group, announces a new collaboration with Silvateam for the exclusive distribution of pectin in the United States and Canada.

Silvateam has dedicated more than 160 years to plant-based extracts. Located in Northern Italy, Silvateam produces products used in a large range of applications such as food, beverages, and animal health and nutrition.

Brenntag North America has been appointed the exclusive distributor in North America for the distribution of the Silvateam Aglupectin™ products.

“We are excited about our new relationship with Silvateam and the continued expansion of our value- added, functional ingredient options. The combination of our Food & Nutrition Team, new food application kitchen, and Silvateam’s technical expertise positions us well to provide quick solutions to our customer’s formulation questions when using pectins,” notes Larry Davis, marketing director for Brenntag North America.

Brenntag will focus on Silvateam’s versatile, clean label, pectin products. Pectin is a natural product widely used for its gel formation, thickening, and stabilizing properties in a variety of applications. Applications include fruit juices, jams, marmalades, dairy, confectionery, and bakery.

“Silvateam is a fast-growing company with an excellent reputation in the industry. We are excited to work alongside Brenntag North America to promote our range of specialty pectin,” adds Alessandro Di Mase, CEO of Silvateam. “Brenntag’s strong technical expertise, service orientation, and sales team offers the market our tailor-made solutions for texture, mouthfeel, viscosity, flavor release, and suspension.”

About Silvateam:

Silvateam is a family owned company widely renowned for more 160 years of successful history within the world of plant extracts. Silvateam Food Ingredients manufactures an extensive range of products for the food and beverage industry including pectins (Aglupectin™), tara gum (Aglumix 01®), texturizing systems (Aglutex™), and food grade tannins / tannic acids (Tan’Activ™).

Thanks to its flexible manufacturing system the company offers customer-oriented solutions. A high level of customer support is made possible by our extensive expertise and in-house research capabilities, our broad application knowledge and creativity. Silvateam provides to its customers a high level of technical comfort throughout the entire products lifecycle.

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Aglumix 01® is trademarked by Silvateam.

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