Layn Corp., a global leader in the vertically integrated production of premium-quality, plant-based sweeteners, flavors, and botanicals, rolled out a new corporate website and introduced new branding to more closely tie the Layn name, heritage, and reputation to its premium ingredient portfolio.

“With deep, proven experience that spans over two decades, Layn is introducing new branding that more clearly communicates our expertise and leadership in the industry,” says Frank Yongfu Xie, executive vice president of Layn Corp. “Many years of dedicated research and advanced technology have enabled us to offer a very unique and innovative portfolio of sweetener solutions. Leveraging our knowledge of the intricacies and combinations of steviol glycosides, mogrosides and natural flavors—we’re able to achieve optimal taste profiles for each specific application. Our new website provides our customers with an introduction to each of these tools and more insight as to how they can be used for deep sugar reduction and improved taste profiles.”

The new branding applies to Layn’s premium sweetener, flavor and functional ingredient categories:

Stevia byLayn – Layn offers a range of high-purity stevia extracts with steviol glycosides and the SteviUp™ platform that is tailored to meet the specific application needs of its customers. New varieties of leaf with high-purity, exotic steviol glycosides allow for significant innovation and improved taste profiles.

Monk Fruit byLayn – Layn is the world’s largest producer of monk fruit extract. It has partnered with universities and specialists to ensure its breeding and tissue culture programs improve seedling quality. This has enabled Layn to increase the Mogroside-V content in the fruit from 0.3% to 0.5%.

Lovia byLayn – Layn’s innovative Lovia® platform showcases the natural synergy achieved when steviol glycosides and mogrosides are combined, creating an optimized plant-based sweetener portfolio. This complementary pairing makes the best of each sweetening compound stand out, allowing for deep sugar reduction with a more sugar-like profile.

Natural Flavors byLayn – Layn offers a variety of natural flavors that deliver a range of benefits including sweetness enhancement, improved mouthfeel, and flavor modification and masking.

Functional Ingredients byLayn – Layn offers a variety of botanical ingredients with functional properties that deliver nutritional and health-related benefits.

“We believe the new look and feel of our branded ingredients, and redesign of our corporate website helps to better communicate and highlight the ways Layn is leading the future of sweet,” adds Elaine Yu, president of Layn USA. “Layn delivers the broadest portfolio of sweetener platforms, proprietary formulations, and custom taste profiles to meet global formulation needs.”

Visit Layn’s elegant and informative new corporate website at

About Layn Corp:

Layn Corp. is a global leader in the vertically integrated production of premium-quality, natural sweeteners, flavors and botanicals. Founded in 1995, Layn pioneered the natural high-intensity sweetener industry, and has been advancing its innovative ingredients for over two decades. Layn’s ingredients are uniquely designed to meet the needs of global food, beverage and nutraceutical manufacturers. Its portfolio of monk fruit, stevia extracts and other functional botanicals, delivers superior taste profiles, a focus on sustainability, and proprietary formulations to satisfy a broad range of specific applications.