Prepared Foods showcases new meat, poultry and seafood products hitting the shelves in October 2018.


Affordable Organic

Perdue Farms Incorporated, Salisbury, Md., says its new PERDUE SIMPLY SMART Organics brand breaks the price barrier consumers often face with organics. Although no suggested retail pricing was immediately available, Perdue says its frozen, fully-cooked breaded chicken products will be priced to sell for approximately half—or less-of the average of what consumers can typically expect to pay for competitive organic products from other leading brands. 

“This introduces an unprecedented level of affordability for organic products in the frozen foods section, with no compromise in organic standards, convenience or taste,” the company says.

Debuting this October, the PERDUE SIMPLY SMART Organics product lineup includes whole grain, certified gluten-free and lightly breaded varieties of nuggets, strips and tenders in the frozen and refrigerated foods sections. Officials say all products are made with simple ingredients consumers can pronounce, recognize and easily find in their home pantry or grocery store. Moreover, PERDUE SIMPLY SMART products contain 25% less fat and most have 50% fewer calories compared to USDA data for breaded, fried boneless chicken, says Perdue.

“The growth in organic continues to outpace the rest of the food market, so this is clearly something consumers want. PERDUE SIMPLY SMART products already emphasize ‘better-for-you’ attributes, such as lightly breaded, simple ingredients and nothing artificial,” says Eric Christianson, Perdue chief marketing officer. “Now we’re going to offer consumers certified organic at prices that are more affordable.”


Seafood Bowls

After its 2016 start-up with a line of seafood kits, LoveTheWild, Boulder, Colo., has come back with four seafood Microwaveable Bowl entrees.

“Americans don’t eat enough seafood. The average American consumes just 16lbs of seafood per capita each year, compared to 100lbs per capita in Japan,” notes Co-Founder Jacqueline Claudia. “Eating more fish has been shown to reduce heart disease, improve chronic conditions, promote glowing skin, boost concentration, joint health and eyesight—among other important benefits. Yet many Americans are intimidated by cooking fish. It can be expensive, unfamiliar, and tricky to get right.”

Claudia says LoveTheWild is solving this problem and creating more occasions to enjoy seafood with their new affordable, restaurant-quality offerings. LoveTheWild’s new namesake Microwavable Bowls include Sweet & Spicy Korean BBQ Bowl with Salmon, Craft Ale Scampi Bowl with Shrimp, Baja Style Fish Taco Bowl with Barramundi, and Hawaiian Style Tropical Bowl with Barramundi. 

Claudia adds that LoveTheWild only uses seafood from the world’s most sustainable farms. Each farm must meet rigorous sustainability standards, including using sustainable feed formulations, management practices that keep fish healthy (without unnecessary antibiotics), and environmental stewardship. All of LoveTheWild’s products also are non-GMO, free from added hormones, dyes, antibiotics, and preservatives.

The offerings carry a suggested retail price of $5.99-$6.99 and a 9oz (255g) single-serve package heats in a microwave in under five minutes.
“With no prep, planning, or clean up, the bowls empower people to love and eat more fish—whether it’s lunch at the office, a hearty snack, dinner before practice, or a separate meal for a picky eater,” says Claudia. “We believe these new single-serve frozen meals fill a significant gap in the marketplace.”


Beef Meal Kits

American Foods Group LLC, Green Bay, Wis., partnered with The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (“Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.”) and The Beef Checkoff Program to develop and distribute four bowl-based meal kits. Officials say the kits debuted this February in select stores and since have expanded this year to more than 1,500 stores, including one of the top five retailers.

Priced between $12.48 and $17.99, each beef meal kit feeds four to six people and delivers a hot meal at home in under 30 minutes and only one pan. The meal kits may be found in a supermarket retailer’s fresh meat department and each one features USDA choice beef—packaged raw with all of the ingredients needed to make several meal options: Korean Style Bulgogi Beef Bowl, Steak Burrito Bowl, Steak & Tzatziki Bowl or a Steak and Mash Bowl.

“Not just convenient, beef provides 10 essential nutrients including zinc, iron, protein and B vitamins, they are a healthy addition to any dinner table,” says NCBA. “The kits give the retail customer the opportunity to experience a meal kit or new flavor without a subscription.” 

“We are really excited to see these beef meal kits come to fruition,” adds Shenoa French, director of manufacturer engagement at NCBA, which serves as a contractor to the Beef Checkoff. “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. understands that people want quick, delicious, healthy options and we are happy deliver that in one package that people can be excited to serve to their loved ones.”


New Name in Chicken

Starkist Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., made its first foray outside the seafood space with new Starkist Chicken Creations, a line of four flavored premium white chicken offerings in the company’s signature ready-to-eat pouches.

Varieties include BOLD Buffalo Style, Ginger Soy, Zesty Lemon Pepper and Chicken Salad.

“After 100 years in the tuna business, we proudly announce that StarKist is now a diversified healthy food company,” says Andy Mecs, vice president of marketing and innovation. “It is our goal to provide convenient, healthy options that satisfy the palates and nutritional needs for all Americans.  Chicken Creations is a natural extension to our highly successful Tuna and Salmon Creations as we already have the pouch expertise and consumer trust in our high quality flavored protein products.  We are pleased that consumers will now have even more to love as they can Tear, Eat, and Go.”

Mecs says the new offerings feature chicken sourced from American farms—raised cage free and hormone free. He adds that as protein snacking is on the rise, StarKist Chicken Creations pouches feature a convenient, tear-open and no-drain design, a necessity for those always on the move.

The lean, low fat protein retails for approximately $1.75 per pouch.


Artisan Meatballs

Today’s consumer is looking for a premium food experience with bold flavor and culinary flair. That’s why Rosina Food Products, Inc., Buffalo, N.Y., says it created a new line of frozen Rosina Oven Fired Artisan Meatballs.

Each of three varieties comes in a 16oz bag. Here’s how Rosina describes each variety.

Pineapple Chorizo Meatball: Made with simple, wholesome ingredients including fresh ground pork, spicy notes of serrano chili peppers, and hints of sweet pineapple, these meatballs provide a dynamic blend of sweet and spice. They’re perfect for a quick breakfast taco, crumbled into a queso dip, or grilled with a sweet chili sauce.

Smoky Maple Bacon Meatball: We start with premium – quality pork, then add applewood smoked bacon, and finish with sweet maple to create a sweet and savory flavor that is sure to please. Try them as a side dish for breakfast, paired with a honey mustard sauce on a slider, or added to your favorite barbecue pizza.

Tuscan-Style Veal Meatball: Crafted with authentic, Italian ingredients including veal, Parmesan and Romano cheese, and basil and oregano spices, these meatballs bring flavors to your kitchen. These meatballs come in a 1/2oz size as well as a 2oz dinner size.

Rosina says its Artisan Meatballs may be used in a variety of ways; each meatball is perfect for grilling, pairs with a variety of sauces for appetizers, or can be used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Convenient and easy to prepare, the meatballs can go from freezer to meal-ready in under 60 seconds.