Comax Flavors has announced the completion of the Dr. Peter J. Calabretta Center for Innovation in Marlton, NJ, which soft opened on July 25, 2018. The new Center for Innovation comprises 3,600 square feet and features state-of-the-art application and flavor labs as well as customer conference and tasting rooms. 

“Our new center is an area for creative inspiration designed to assist our customers with the proactive development of innovative ideas, flavors and products and help grow their success in an ever-changing and competitive market,” said Michael E. Crain, Senior Flavor Chemist, Comax Flavors. 

The new facility will allow Comax to work more closely with the company’s customer base to provide new and innovative product concepts and flavors, enable ideation, creation and rapid prototyping, aid in customer problem-solving and proactively support Comax’s creative flavor and application capabilities together with the research and development teams headquartered in Melville, NY. 

“My siblings and I are so excited that we can name the new Center for Innovation after our father, who in 2019 will celebrate 50 years in the flavor industry,” said Peter J. Calabretta Jr., CEO, Comax Flavors.