Takasago de Mexico opened its new Creative Center for Flavors and Fragrances in Tlalnepantla, Estado de Mexico, on May 11th. In addition to opening ceremonies, the event commemorated the affiliate’s 35th anniversary, which is an important step in the continuous improvement of its Flavor Development process for bakery, confectionery, snack, beverage, dessert and dairy products as well as fragrance development for personal care and home care applications.

The new Takasago Creative Center for Flavors and Fragrances is a part of Takasago’s strategic global plan to deliver the best possible service to the customer through the next generation of flavor technologies. The Center features high quality technical enhancements for the production of spray dry powdered flavors and new liquid emulsion capabilities. The facility also includes areas dedicated to market research and sensory analysis.

Among the dignitaries at the event were: Akira Yamada, Japan’s Ambassador to Mexico; Satoshi Masumura, President and CEO of Takasago International Corporation; and Hisaya Fujiwara, President and CEO of Takasago USA. Luis Pinedo, President and General Director of Takasago de Mexico, presided over the festivities.

Ambassador Yamada cited Takasago as one of the most important corporations in Japan. He remarked that technology, a powerful tool in flavor creation, can be found at the new Takasago de Mexico Center and its new laboratory facilities. He said that Takasago de Mexico is continuing its growth to meet the full range of marketing requirements. In his statements, he also congratulated Takasago de Mexico, its management leadership and staff, on the occasion of the affiliate’s 35th anniversary.

Mr. Masumura commented, “Takasago de Mexico was founded in 1980 as a sales office. By 1993, it had begun flavor production which was expanded in 2000. By 2013, further expansions began and are now complete in a new infrastructure that will lead to better flavors and fragrances development with greater potential for increased success. With technology and technical support service among the most important drivers of new business, the new facility will achieve faster growth. A great deal of trust has been placed in this project since it was first proposed, not just because of growth in Mexico but through its outreach to Colombia, Peru and Central America, areas that have experienced constant, expanded growth over the last 30 years. This pattern of growth is similar if not greater than the potential growth of Southeast Asia.”

Luis Pinedo stated, “Work began months ago when Takasago de Mexico’s management team initiated the project and by November of 2013, it started to become a reality. Now, at its conclusion, we embark on a new stage for Takasago de Mexico, a new blank page that this affiliate will continue to write.”

Mr. Pinedo concluded, “Our objective is to be the main industry partner in the food industry by offering practical and innovative flavor and fragrance solutions. Today, we are better prepared to compete at the region’s highest level. We are dedicated to working closely with our customers to translate every idea into a tangible product through our creative and effective flavor and fragrance solutions.”