Pelican Brewing Company releasedits first-ever beer made with fresh harvested Gewürztraminer grapes—welcome The Grapes of Mash Beer-jolais Nouveau. The experimental hybrid, which receives 55% of its extract from malt and 45% from the grapes, is a nod to the seasonal French Beaujolais Nouveau tradition and has been a longtime brainchild of Pelican's founding brewmaster, Darron Welch.

The Pelican brewing team introduced new seasonal beverage hailed for its complex, rounded fruit, spicy aromatics, subtle malt aroma and bright tart finish. The beer will be available in November on draft only at Pelican brewpubs and specialty retail partners.

The Grapes of Mash started with a light malty base and then Pelican added fresh-pressed Gewürztraminer juice from Ransom Winery 24 hours into the fermentation. The massive infusion of fruit sugars kicked fermentation into overdrive and added distinctly spicy, fruity flavors typical of Gewürztraminer—imagine a combination of lychee, white grapefruit, mango, gooseberry and melon. Pilsner malt, Goldings hops, Gewürztraminer grapes, Saison yeast, pure local water combine for a bright fresh fruity tartness that creates a zesty finish. This fruit beer has existed only in the imagination for many years, but now it is finally here.

ABV: 8.1% | IBU: 20 | PLATO: 15.7º