The sunshine spectrum—including bright yellow through to deep orange—will stimulate colorful food and beverage development in 2019 as consumers seek out products that inspire upbeat, positive emotions and unite people with a feeling of joy, according to The GNT Group, a global natural ingredients leader based in Mierlo, The Netherlands.

Shoppers, particularly younger ones hailing from Generation Z, will gravitate towards food and drink colored with natural yellow and orange shades in order to tune into the optimistic sentiments they convey, adds GNT.

Food and beverage brands are increasingly developing marketing messages that communicate the ability of their products to bring happiness to the consumer. Innova Market Insights has announced “I Feel Good” as one of its top trends for 2019. Innova notes that the number of food and beverage launches with a “feel good” claim on the label increased by 36% year-on-year during 2017. 

“In 2019 consumers will prefer food and drink that can arouse a sense of freshness and light, qualities that yellow and orange shades deliver,” says Maartje Hendrickx, a market development manager at GNT. “Just as pink was embraced by Millennials, Generation Z will channel the positivity of sunshine shades to sprinkle cheerfulness into their lives.”

GNT has harnessed this trend in a new collection of coloring foods: its EXBERRY® Sunshine Shades. Ranging from bright sunbeam yellow to warm harvest orange, they are all derived from raw materials rooted in nature, including pumpkin, carrots and turmeric. 

The Sunshine Shades range has been developed as part of GNT’s new “Love Color with EXBERRY®” initiative for 2019, which will explore how color can influence mood and deliver feelings of excitement and contentment, while also satisfying adventurous, curious consumers who are keen to discover new experiences. The Food People, another market researcher, recently identified “Mellow Yellow” as a key trend and observed that “color trends are becoming as important as the food and drink itself.” 

Hendrickx adds: “Natural yellow and orange coloring foods fit perfectly with the desire among consumers to re-connect with the natural world. We are planning some exciting activity in 2019 to maximize engagement with Sunshine Shades, with innovative product concepts and technical information in the pipeline. We will also be busy showcasing feelgood application ideas on the EXBERRY® Instagram feed – @gntgroup – and on the GNT Group Linkedin page.”

EXBERRY® coloring foods are natural color ingredients obtained exclusively from fruits, vegetables and edible plants using gentle, physical processes such as pressing, chopping, filtering and concentrating. Consequently, they are not classed as additives but foods with coloring properties and, therefore, qualify for cleaner and clearer labelling declarations. Made with GNT’s own innovative processes, they can impart almost any color shade to foods and beverages and are ideally suited for industrial use. 

To ensure the highest level of quality and year-round availability, GNT controls the entire EXBERRY® supply chain. In fact, around 80% of the raw materials used are grown within a 200-kilometer radius of EXBERRY® production sites, with cultivation and harvesting monitored by GNT’s agricultural engineers.


Innova Market Insights, Top Trends for 2019


EXBERRY® is the global market leader in Coloring Foods. The brand is synonymous with high performance color solutions based on the most natural concept of coloring food with food. EXBERRY® concentrates are manufactured from fruit, vegetables and edible plants using only gentle physical methods such as chopping, boiling and filtering. The brand provides the widest range on the market, comprising more than 400 shades. It is suitable for practically all food and drink, including confectionery, dairy and bakery products, soft and alcoholic beverages and savory applications. The concentrates are valued worldwide for their ease of use, brilliance, performance and the complete vertical integration of the supply chain, which ensures full traceability, price and stock stability. In applying EXBERRY® products, manufacturers are assured to receive highly professional support ranging from strategic product development to production integration and regulatory advice. EXBERRY® is the favored color solution used by more than 1,400 food and beverage companies including the leading food and beverage producers in the world.

About GNT

The GNT Group is a family-owned company pioneering in the creation of specialized, future-proof products from only natural ingredients. It is internationally renowned for its EXBERRY® portfolio, the leading global brand in Coloring Foods. Founded in 1978, the company offers unparalleled agricultural competence and process-engineering expertise in delivering solutions from fruit, vegetables and edible plants. GNT is headquartered in Mierlo, The Netherlands, and has global reach with customers in 75 countries and offices in North and South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.