ESHA Research, the industry leader in nutrition analysis and regulatory-compliance solutions, announced an important update to their Genesis R&D Supplement Formulation and Labeling Software, the industry's only program tailored specifically to the needs of supplement and nutritional manufacturers. 

Genesis R&D Supplements Version 1.5 introduces a software feature that allows users to import formulation and ingredient data directly into the program, speeding up the onboarding process. 

"The ability to import ingredient and formulation data from common file types, such as Excel spreadsheets and text files, is a major milestone for the Genesis R&D Supplement Software. This has by far been the most requested feature in the past year," says Craig Bennett, CEO of ESHA Research. "With this update, our users can import their data directly from Excel in just a few steps, saving time and eliminating the potential for data entry errors." 

The import wizard allows users to import several different file types including, XLS, XLSX, TXT, and CSV files.

"Our clients each use a unique method for storing their supplement data. Additionally, the formatting of their files is vastly different," adds Josh Luth, Software Development Manager at ESHA Research. "So, we needed to develop an import tool that not only accommodated distinct file types, but that also offered flexibility.”

In addition to this major change, the development team has fixed bugs and finished some behind-the-scenes maintenance.

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About Genesis Supplements 

Genesis R&D Supplements incorporates a wide variety of functions necessary to the supplement-formulation process, including those previously performed using spreadsheets, hand calculations, labeling software, and cost-management platforms.

With Genesis R&D, users quickly create and modify supplement formulations, generate regulatory-compliant supplement labels in a variety of formats, distinguish between active and inactive ingredients, calculate ingredient shelf-life overages and costs, plus much more.

About ESHA Research 

ESHA Research, founded in 1981, offers a variety of nutritional analysis and label development solutions to ensure regulatory compliance. Our software programs and databases have been used all over the world, by food manufacturers, educational facilities, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other industry institutions for nutrient analysis, labeling, product development, and more. In addition, ESHA Research offers software and regulatory compliance consulting and label-generation services.