Suppliers’ new organic and non-GMO ingredients for food and drink formulations.


Lentil Functional Flour

Bunge North America has added a Non-GMO Project Verified lentil functional flour to its line of clean-label ingredients. “Unlike modified starches, which contain essentially no protein, Bunge’s lentil functional flour can boost protein content across formulations and help achieve ‘good source’, ‘excellent source’, and high protein claims, depending on the application,” says Helbert Almeida, Bunge senior research & development fellow, U.S. Milling. “It also offers all the nutrition of other pulse-based flours, including fiber, vitamins, and minerals, with a cleaner, more neutral flavor profile that is suitable for both sweet and savory applications.” In addition, Bunge’s lentil functional flour is made using just Non-GMO lentils, water, and heat, meaning it can be listed as simply “lentil flour” on an ingredient statement, while still delivering the same sensory and productivity benefits of highly processed modified starches. “Bunge is a leader in providing more of the on-trend ingredients that consumers want, including ancient grains, organic and non-GMO corn, and a range of gluten-free grains, as well as organic, non-GMO and expeller-pressed oils. We are excited to be adding a protein-packed clean label lentil functional flour to our portfolio,” said Gregg Christensen, vice president, sales, Bunge Milling.

Bunge North America,

Flavor + Function

Manufacturers can achieve clean and simple labels without sacrificing color, flavor or function with natural, specialty ingredients from Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. The company boasts a broad line of non-GMO and natural ingredients made in the USA. Those ingredients include ready-to-eat, organic and gluten free options. Offerings include BriesSpecialty Malt Flours with a palette of natural color and flavor solutions ranging from tan to brown-black; and InnoSweet Sprouted Whole Wheat Powder, which naturally sweetens while decreasing or eliminating reduced sugars and adding whole grain. Briess also offers Insta Grains. These pre-gelatinized, reduced cook time ingredients add texture, flavor, color and multigrain goodness.

Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.,

Organic Functional Native Starches

Ingredion Incorporated has added new certified-organic ingredients to its line of functional clean-label starches for the U.S. and Canada, NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609. The organic functional native corn starches help manufacturers create a superior eating experience that boasts extended visual, sensory and cost appeal. The starches are designed to perform in organic products that undergo harsh process conditions and require high freeze/thaw stability, such as organic savory foods, alternative-dairy products and baby foods. NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic native corn starches provide a comparable viscosity and gel strength to modified starches, yet qualify for a simple, “organic corn starch” label while providing cold-temperature stability. The certified-organic corn starches are unique, providing both process tolerance and cold-temperature stability. The starches create a smooth, short texture that, once cooked, do not set to a gel or cause syneresis, even after several freeze/thaw cycles.

Ingredion Incorporated,

Healthy, Functional Canola Oil

Omega-9 Canola Oil, a naturally stable and healthy cooking oil, is available in a non-GM platform for both the food processing and foodservice industries. The unique fatty acid profile found in Omega-9 Canola Oil was developed through traditional plant breeding, providing the food industry with a Non-GMO Project Verified option. Omega-9 Canola Oil delivers exceptional functionality due to its unique combination of high oleic and low linolenic fatty acids. It is high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and lowest in saturated fat of all vegetable oils. Delivered by Corteva Agriscience, the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, Omega-9 Canola Oil helps maintain the freshness of food products without additives and preservatives while maintaining a light, clean taste.

Omega-9 Oils,

Organic Tastes Better

Mother Murphy’s Laboratories has been developing organic certified flavors for more than a decade. Our library contains more than 100 certified organic flavors and many more organic certifiable and organic compliant flavors to choose from.  We offer water soluble and oil soluble liquids as well as dry blended and spray dried flavors. We are continually evolving to comply with the ever-changing regulatory landscape and can accommodate almost any additional requirements you may have. We would love to help you with all your development needs. Let us work with you to make your organic products taste great.

Mother Murphy’s Laboratories Inc.,

Organic Superfruit Powder

Baobab (Adansonia digitata), also called “Africa’s tree of life,” is a majestic and impressive tree. Nexira’s new Organic Baobab Pulp Powder offers the best of superfruit: a high nutrient content (magnesium, potassium, zinc, etc.) and a high antioxidant activity. It also is considered all natural and is sustainably sourced in Africa. Thanks to all of its nutritional characteristics, Nexira’s Organic Baobab Powder is easy to incorporate in a large array of applications: functional food and beverages, smoothies and juices, supplements, mixes and also snacks, cereals, fruit bars, ice creams and yogurts.


Non-GMO Stevias

Sweegen widened its non-GMO stevia portfolio with its newest product, Bestevia e+. This new product contains Reb E 95%, Reb M (below 50ppm) and other stevia compounds, targeted to support beverage companies to navigate the existing patent landscape around Reb M and Reb D in beverage applications. The product performs well in all applications. Sweegen’s stevia sweeteners are produced economically through a bioconversion process that uses enzymes to convert crude stevia extract to a targeted single compound molecule with highest purity and premium taste. This process combines nature with modern biotechnology for consistent quality at commercial volumes. Sweegen has commercialized non-GMO Reb M and Reb D in 2016 and 2017 respectively, while its newest non-GMO product Bestevia e+ was commercialized in 2018.


Great Grains

All of Grain Millers’ products are Non-GMO Project Verified and most are available certified organic. We buy almost all of our grains directly from the farm, from farmers we’ve gotten to know and trust over the years. As a Non-GMO Project Verified miller, we have strict systems in place for supply chain traceability, segregation, and testing for GMOs in our products. We are proud to offer Non-GMO and Organic dry-milled white & yellow corn products, including grits, meal, flour and bran; Non-GMO and organic soybeans; as well as Non-GMO and organic oats, wheat, barley, rye, triticale, and other whole-grain and seed ingredients.

Grain Millers,

Non-GMO Corn-Based Maltodextrins

For more than 15 years, GPC has offered Non-GMO maltodextrins, using our own stringent traceability practices. And now to further our commitment in response to consumer demand for even more transparency and traceability, we participate with the Non-GMO Project to certify our Non-GMO maltodextrins. 

Grain Processing Corporation,

Organic FLours, Grains, Blends

Ardent Mills, the premier flour-milling and ingredient company, and its new business unit, The Annex by Ardent Mills, offer the broadest range of traditional and organic flours, whole grains, customized blends and specialty products. Wheat is a non-GMO grain, and our organic product mix includes organic options for durum, cracked wheat, spelt, whole wheat flour, bread wheat flour, all-purpose wheat flour, pastry flour, customized breads, Universal Pizza Mix, Biscuits & More Mix, Brownie Base, Cake Bake and a complement of grain mixes and blends.

Ardent Mills LLC,

Tapioca Syrups 

Cargill has expanded its sweetener portfolio with the addition of four label-friendly tapioca syrups. Non-GMO by origin, Cargill’s tapioca syrups feature a full range of carbohydrate profiles and dextrose equivalent (DE) levels and include Certified Organic options. In creating the new line of syrups, Cargill’s research and ingredient processing teams worked to develop products with carbohydrate profiles and DE levels that mirror the company’s existing corn/glucose syrups. As a result, the tapioca syrups perform nearly identically, allowing one-to-one replacement with little to no additional formulation work. Cargill’s tapioca syrups are suitable for a wide range of applications, including bars, confectionery, ice cream, cereals, fruit preps, non-dairy creamers and more.

Cargill Incorporated,

Vitamin E

Food Ingredient Solutions (FIS) is proud to partner with Spain’s BTSA, Madrid, a global leader in natural antioxidants, natural vitamin E and Omega 3 oils. In particular, FIS now offers BTSA’s natural, Non-GMO Project Verified vitamin E (d-alpha Tocopherol) made from IP non-GMO sunflower and soy oil. Natural vitamin E is a single stereoisomer while synthetic vitamin E is a mixture of eight stereoisomers—where only one of which is the same as the natural one. The other seven stereoisomers have different molecular structure and lower biological activity, which means that they are less capable of providing health benefits. BTSA’s Non-GMO Project Certified Nutrabiol E, natural vitamin E is available in different concentrations—from 1,000 to 1,300 International Units, as well as in ester form for products that require greater stability (Acetate) or for powder applications (Succinate).

Product applications include baby food, nutritional supplements and soft capsules, oils and fats, confections and pastries, cereals and snacks, cocoa and chocolates, spices and condiments, flours and bakery products, meats and pet foods. Natural vitamin E has been shown to help protect cell membranes, strengthen the immune systems and protect and improve vision. Some applications may claim, “Source of Vitamin E.” 

BTSA also features Non-GMO Project Verified Tocobiol, a natural antioxidant based on natural tocopherols. It is available either from IP Non-GMO sunflower oil or IP Non-GMO soy oil. It is an excellent product to protect food and nutritional supplements, preserving its active ingredients and increasing their shelf life.

The high antioxidant power of Tocobiol is the result of the synergy between its active ingredients such as tocopherols, squalene and plant sterols, which are naturally present in the product. Tocobiol is a 100% natural product, developed exclusively by BTSA, and is a unique product in the market.

Food Ingredient Solutions,

High-Fiber Wheat Flour

Bay State Milling Company secured Non-GMO Project Verification of its HealthSense High Fiber Wheat Flour. HealthSense is derived from high amylose wheat that combines the benefits of customary wheat flour taste and functionality, a highly desired macronutrient in the form of resistant starch fiber, and traceability to the farm in one ingredient. HealthSense can be used in any food product to replace traditional hard wheat.

Bay State Milling Company,

Gums, Gum Blends

Label claim transparency continues to be front of mind for consumers. TIC Gums is committed to producing ingredients that allow manufacturers to communicate clearly and honestly with their customers. Last fall saw TIC Gums add 13 Non-GMO Project Verified seals to ingredients in its existing portfolio, including acacia, gellan gum and guar products. With the addition of 13 new Non-GMO Project Verified seals, TIC Gums offers a minimum of 18 products carrying the seal. The verified products include single ingredient solutions and gum blends. “We’re proud that we can provide food and beverage manufacturers with Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients that align with the growing demand by consumers for Non-GMO Products,” says Veronica Burnham, senior regulatory specialist at TIC Gums.

TIC Gums,

Organic, Non-GMO

Farbest Brands offers a growing number of ingredients that are Non-GMO Project Verified, with several more on the way. Using Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients is ideal for food manufacturers who are seeking verification themselves, or who want to make various health-related label claims.

Farbest Brands’ ingredients that are Non-GMO Project Verified include: Farbest Pea Protein 80% Fine Mesh, Jianyuan Pea Protein 80%, Jianyuan Pea Protein 80% Low Sodium, Jianyuan Pea Protein 85%, Organic Sunflower Lecithin Fluid, and Organic Sunflower Lecithin Powder, Organic Soy Lecithin Fluid, FarSweet Non-GMO Crystalline Fructose. 

Farbest Brands also is Naturz Organics’ exclusive North American partner, supplying a full line of high quality USDA organic ingredients including fibers, lecithin, plant proteins and sweeteners. For more than a decade, Naturz Organics has reliably supplied USDA/EU organic certified ingredients to the largest food and beverage companies in North America and Europe. Farbest also represents Alland & Robert organic gum acacia products. Farbest directly manages its entire supply chain, starting from the seed, growers, and manufacturing facilities. We hold exclusive partnerships with our organic farms and manufacturers, and provide organic traceability and integrity from farm to finished product. All finished products are analyzed by accredited or third-party labs to verify that ingredients are organic, pesticide free, and GMO free. We can offer third party transaction certificates for all of our organic products.

Farbest Brands,

Organic Gums

Unlike starches and other physically, enzymatically or chemically altered ingredients, gum acacia is 100% natural and 90% soluble dietary fiber. This makes it easy to incorporate into numerous better-for-you applications such as beverages, cereal bars, baked goods and dairy products. In particular, gum acacia is a crucial ingredient in the production of stable beverage emulsions. One ingredient company supplying the organic market is ISC Gums, Edison, N.J. “Our customers have focused much more attention on organic products and our organic gum acacia sales have increased 700% since 2016 alone,” notes Matthew Berliner, ISC Gums vice president. ISC’s Premium Spray Dried Gum Arabic 111 is available as 100% Organic. In fact, the 111 CO (Certified Organic) is the food and beverage industry’s leading emulsifying gum acacia Senegal. In powder form, it is white. In a 20% solution, it is the color of tea.

ISC’s Spray Dried Gum Acacia H-600 also is available as 100% Organic. The H-600 CO (which stands for Certified Organic) is 100% pure gum acacia Seyal. In powder form, it is tan. In a 20% solution, it is the color of black coffee. ISC’s Spray Dried Gum Acacia H-380 is available at 99.11% Organic.

The H-380 CO is decolorized gum acacia Seyal. The color is removed to match the white color of Premium Spray Dried Gum Arabic 111. ISC Gums produces organic, Non-GMO, kosher and halal certified gum acacia.

ISC Gums,

Organic Color

Certified Organic Purple Corn is the perfect new natural source for a vibrant red color. This anthocyanin ticks all the right boxes:  It is non-GM, highly scalable, and controlled from seed to sale by DDW. It performs in a wide variety of water-soluble applications such as beverages and confections and provides the opportunity for cost reduction. It is the affordable future of organic natural red.

D.D. Williamson,