Over the years, Prepared Foods editors have looked forward to kicking off the year at The Specialty Food Association’s Winter Fancy Food Show. The show floor is filled with inspiring new products that give us a sense of where the food industry is and where it may be headed.

This year, more than 1,400 exhibitors showcased products that target a multitude of consumers demands and industry trends. Plant-based foods, sustainable foods, alternative sources of protein and products that address a variety of wellness issues were all on display at the 2019 event.

In addition to providing space for emerging brands, incubator communities and new introductions, show organizers dedicated their efforts to a biodiversity installation that opened a broad conversation about sustainability, health and the future of food. The exhibit was produced in partnership with Seeds&Chips, a Milan-based food tech organization working to build a better food system, and Alpha Food Lab’s The Future Market, a New York-based futurist food lab that explores the innovations and ideas that will shape our food system over the next five to 25 years.

Below, we’ve highlighted a few products from the 2019 Winter Fancy Food Show that piqued our interest.

Bush Brothers & Company introduced a line of bean-based chips and crisp-roasted chickpeas. The new line capitalizes on booming snack and convenience trends as well as an alternative protein push from consumers.

Laiki extended its line of red rice and black rice crackers to include a Black Rice with Vegan Cheddar variety. The crackers are notably crisp and make an appeal to a growing community of vegan snackers.

Miyoko’s also struck a chord with vegan consumers by showcasing its line of vegan cheese and butters. The company is committed to reducing the industry’s dependency on animal products, and uses advanced technology to turn plant-based foods into complex dairy alternatives. 

Raw, unpasteurized, facto-fermented sauerkraut. That’s how Cleveland Kraut describes its pouched product. Bringing innovative packaging to the sauerkraut world, Cleveland Kraut focuses on messages of probiotics and fermentation, both of which resonate with modern consumers.

Numi Organic Tea expanded into new categories with the launch of Tea Latte Concentrates and Wellness Shots. The Tea Latte Concentrates are made with only organic, ethically-sourced, non-GMO plants and spices that enhance and complement the pure taste of matcha and turmeric.
Numi’s Daily Super Shots are available in varieties such as Inflam Away, Immunity Defense, Belly Bliss, Mind Tonic, and Get Going shots feature proven and potent organic teas, herbs, fruits, roots, and spices.