Coromega®, maker of emulsified fish and vegetarian oils designed to provide healthy fats for a healthy life, announced the debut of Coromega Max CBD, the brand’s first cannabidiol (CBD) squeeze shots. A squeezable, broad spectrum oil, Coromega Max CBD is scientifically crafted with CBD oil derived from industrial hemp and  medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that packs 10mg of CBD in each individually measured and packaged serving.

Coromega Max CBD’s next-generation therapeutic formula is scientifically crafted with CBD oil derived from industrial hemp along with MCTs for clean, fast-burning energy supporting enhanced mental performance, superior to current offerings. Traditional CBD tinctures in dropper bottles can make it very difficult for consumers to accurately measure how much CBD they are taking. Coromega Max CBD is different: each squeeze shot delivers 10mg of broad spectrum CBD oil in a measured serving, critical to managing CBD intake and sought after benefits. High-quality CBD oil from American grown industrial hemp, organic cacao and MCT oil are blended together to create a chocolate flavor, unlike the oily, undesirable taste from dropper bottles. Each individual serving is protected from light and oxygen, which prevents oxidation and degradation.

The CBD oil in Coromega Max CBD is processed using food-grade ethanol extraction from high-grade, industrial hemp grown by reliable, environmentally responsible and passionate farmers in Colorado. The natural ethanol extraction ensures that the CBD oil in Coromega Max CBD is a pure, high-quality oil. Coromega uses a third-party lab to test for purity and potency before, during and after manufacturing and has a Certification of Analysis (COA).

Coromega Max CBD will be available online in April in a 24-count jar of 2.5g squeeze shots with retail availability to follow. Coromega Max CBD joins Coromega’s robust portfolio of emulsified fish and vegetarian oils, which are available at select vitamin, natural and drug stores nationwide.