Coromega®, maker of emulsified fish and vegetarian oils designed to provide healthy fats for a healthy life, announced the debut of Coromega Max Liquid Protein (Citrus Dream flavor) and Coromega Max Pre-Workout MCT Gel (Chocolate Sport flavor). Revolutionizing traditional supplement delivery systems into liquid health, Coromega’s two new squeezes are designed to support pre-workout explosive energy and performance, and post-workout muscle repair and recovery.
Coromega Max Liquid Protein is different from protein powders and amino acid liquids because it’s crafted with a powerful combination of high-quality whey protein that’s emulsified with Coromega’s signature technology for better protein absorption and taste, plus emulsified MCT oil to help repair muscle and aid in post-workout replenishment and recovery. Containing 25g of whey protein and 2.5g of healthy fats derived from MCTs per pouch, Coromega Max Liquid Protein is available in creamy Citrus Dream, a powerful and delicious-tasting alternative to chalky powders and watery drinks.
Coromega Max Pre-Workout MCT Gel, in invigorating Chocolate Sport flavor, is a better alternative to messy powders and oily liquids and is made with MCT oil emulsified through Coromega’s signature technology with a touch of cocoa and other natural ingredients to energize workouts and take fitness to the next level. Great for ketogenic diets, MCTs are a clean-burning fat fuel which increases blood flow and improves concentration, and Coromega Max Pre-Workout MCT Gel contains 2,800mg of C8, which turns into ketones quickly to fuel the brain, and 1,800mg of C10 for sustained energy following a workout, per serving.
Both new supplements hit Walmart shelves nationwide in early April and are available in 4-ounce resealable squeeze pouches for convenient, on-the-go nutrition; no water, blenders or mix-ins needed. Coromega Max Liquid Protein delivers 25g of protein per single-serve, 4-ounce pouch, while Coromega Max Pre-Workout MCT Gel has seven servings per 4-ounce pouch.
Coromega Max Liquid Protein and Coromega Max Pre-Workout MCT Gel join Coromega’s robust portfolio of emulsified fish and vegetarian oils, which are available at select vitamin, natural and drug stores nationwide, including Walmart, Vons, Albertsons (and Albertsons banners including Safeway, Shaws, Randall’s, Jewel, Vons and more), Whole Foods Market, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Wegmans, HEB, Meijer, and online at,, and