Flavorchem Corporation, an established leader in the manufacturing of flavor and color solutions, released a “Home Baking Trends” report that reveals the top-selling baking extracts in North America. It’s based on year-to-date retail sales data from IRI, Inc. 

Here are the top five sellers: 

#1 Vanilla - Vanilla continues to be the top selling baking extract in North America. Despite the increased cost of the vanilla crop in recent years, vanilla extracts have seen a steady increase in sales from 2016 to 2019.

#2 Almond – The tendency for almond flavor to carry and enhance other flavors from lemon and honey to ginger and cherry has consistently kept this flavor in the #2 position for the past three years.

#3 Lemon – As tart and tangy flavors temper sweetness in bakery items, lemon continues to be a popular extract flavor with limitless creative opportunities for at-home recipes. 

#4 Peppermint – The seasonal appeal of peppermint keeps it at the top of the list. While it did see a slight decline in sales of from 2017 to 2018, peppermint extract still has appeal in a variety of recipes for home bakers.

#5 Coconut – With a 318% increase in the number of products launched with coconut flavor from 2010 to 2016, the rise in coconut flavoring in bakery products is predominantly due to Millennials perception of coconut as a better-for-you ingredient.  

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