Benefiting from its refreshing character and better-for-you positioning, citrus-based flavors are a top consumer taste preference and will be a driving force of market-leading innovation in the years ahead. More complex and exciting citrus flavor profiles will continue to evolve as new products embrace in-demand flavors with exotic flavors yuzu, key lime, and blood orange growing in launches. 

While already a favorite, citrus flavors are evolving to more sophisticated varietals due to consumer interest in immune boosting food and beverage products during the pandemic. Eighty-seven percent of U.S. consumers are interested in products with “immune-boosting ingredients” and 78% of those consumers are interested in vitamin C. Food and beverage launches featuring both a citrus flavor and an immune health claim grew 21% from 2018-2021 as brands leverage consumer’s association of citrus flavors with antioxidants and immune support.

In response to the demand for health signaling flavors and ingredients, Flavorchem developed “Citrus Vacation,” an exclusive collection of six true-to-fruit citrus flavors inspired by their associated health halo, global appeal, and consumer demand for authenticity.

The collection features flavors Fresh Calamansi Lime, Fruity Kumquat, Juicy Blood Orange, Sweet Tangerine, Yuzu Citrus, and Zesty Key Lime.

“Citrus flavors, more so than any other flavors, need to be processed in different ways to be suitable in different applications.   Citrus Vacation, our first collection of specially formulated citrus varietals, can be optimized for any food or beverage application,” says Niki Hernandez, R&D Manager and Senior Flavorist. 

All flavors in the collection are vegan, kosher, Non-GM, and can be labeled as “natural” on an ingredient statement.

Let Flavorchem’s team of flavorists help launch your next great product. Discover more information on Flavorchem’s Citrus Vacation Flavor Collection or request samples from the collection at