The American Egg Board (AEB) will exhibit at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) Show in Las Vegas. Attendees will be able to find the AEB at Booth #1226 and at the Exhibitor Demo Stage on Sept. 9. 

This global event occurs only once every three years and supports bakeries large and small. Attendees can discover the multiple functional and organoleptic benefits eggs provide to baked goods like sponge cake, batter cake, muffins and more at the AEB booth, which will be featuring samples highlighting a few of the 20-plus functional properties of eggs. At the show, the AEB will also be hosting a presentation, “REAL Eggs: Integral Role in Baking,” at the Exhibitor Demo Stage and releasing a new baking white paper. 

Visit Booth for Indulgent Samples with Natural Ingredients

Recent consumer research, particularly that conducted by the Hartman Group, Inc., shows that for all consumers in any demographic, two key qualities desired in baked goods are freshness and natural ingredients.

Indulgence with natural ingredients—like the egg—is on the menu at the AEB booth, with samples that include biscotti, flourless chocolate torte and a sponge cake chocolate mousse trio. Product form, flavor, mouthfeel and texture, like the crisp crunch of biscotti, the firm yet springy texture of sponge cake or the smooth texture of mousse depend on different aspects of egg ingredient functionality. 

Attend REAL Eggs Demo on Sept. 9

The AEB will be showcasing how REAL eggs contribute to sponge cake quality in its session, REAL Eggs: Integral Role in Baking. In this half-hour session, attendees will learn and taste how REAL eggs can positively impact the flavor, batter viscosity, leavening, aroma, emulsification and other qualities of sponge cake. The session will take place at the Exhibitor Demo Stage on Monday, Sept. 9 at 1:30 p.m.

Sponge cake is one of the most commonly available snack cakes in retail stores in the US This type of foam cake relies on whole eggs for its structure, appearance and taste. Its tough, resilient structure is necessary to be able to hold any of a variety of fillings, to be frosted and packaged for shipping.

Learn About the AEB New White Paper on Baking

In conjunction with IBIE, the AEB is publishing a new white paper: “Real Eggs: Integral Role in Baking.” This paper includes an inclusive round up of baking trends and the impact egg ingredients can have on functionality and examines in detail some of the many functional properties eggs uniquely lend to baked goods. REAL eggs contribute to gold standard quality while enhancing ingredients statements for a clean label. 

Find out what different generations have in common when it comes to their choices for baking indulgences and how eggs can help create indulgent baked goods while maintaining a positive label statement. Download the white paper at:

Also, discover the latest issue of the Eggsaminer, the American Egg Board newsletter specifically designed for food and beverage manufacturers. Past issues with relevant information for today’s bakers and food manufacturers can be found here:

About the American Egg Board (AEB)

Home of the Incredible Egg, the AEB is the US egg industry’s national commodity marketing board. The AEB’s mission is to increase demand for eggs and egg products through research, education and promotion. The AEB’s Egg Nutrition Center is the country’s largest repository of egg nutrition research. The AEB is located in Chicago, Ill. 

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