Mary’s Organic Crackers, a multinational line of gourmet, gluten-free snacks, launched REAL Thin Crackers, which will hit store shelves at national Canadian grocers during Canada Organic Trade Association’s (COTA) Organic Week. Mary’s Organic Crackers will also sponsor COTA’s Organic Week, held from September 9-15, 2019.
The new line of REAL Thin Crackers will be available at multiple grocers including Loblaws and Save On Foods, and will offer multiple flavors, such as Sea Salt and Garlic Rosemary.
Mary’s Organic Crackers is one of 17 sponsors supporting Organic Week, which strengthens environmental and healthy living projects, and promotes organic food production throughout Canada. Organic Week will hold hundreds of events showcasing sustainable agriculture, alternate food systems, substitute options for apparel, personal care and cleaning products.