AB Enzymes’ new VERON® MAXIMA is an innovative, premium solution to help bread bakers differentiate themselves and reach the next level of freshness.

VERON® MAXIMA provides every baking product with unique characteristics for a long lasting and complete freshness experience. There are no limits in applying VERON® MAXIMA for the development of premium fresh-keeping products for the baking industry.

“With VERON® MAXIMA we have succeeded in developing a new maltogenic amylase that can be used without dosage limitations. The ratio of resilience to softness has been improved in an unprecedented way. This flexibility opens endless possibilities to control the softness and quality of the baked goods without losing resilience,” says Oscar Diez, AB Enzymes’ Business Director-Bake.

Today, dough improver ingredients have to meet more and more different requirements. On the one hand, there are increased quality requirements for packaged and refrigerated baked goods. On the other hand, industrial bakers—as well as their grocery retailer and foodservice operator customers—want to reduce both food waste and stale returns. Meanwhile, consumers simply crave an extraordinary and enjoyable freshness eating experience

“In a large consumer study, we were able to clearly demonstrate the advantages of our innovative product. Consumers feel the difference,” says Dr. Alexander Henrich, AB Enzymes’ Application Development Director-Bake. “We clearly had the edge in the key parameters softness, mouthfeel, freshness and moistness.”

VERON® MAXIMA easily can be incorporated into existing improver formulations without having any influence on dough properties and bread product appearance—other than providing the desired freshness effect in the final baked product.

VERON® MAXIMA is the missing piece complementing every fresh-keeping toolbox. It’s the tool to differentiate to meet the needs of both consumers and manufacturers.

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