DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences’ GRINDSTED® NG 100 non-GMO monoglyceride, part of the DuPont™ Danisco® range of ingredients, gives bakers a better alternative to hydrated monoglycerides (hydrates), providing the same functionality and achieving similar product yields albeit at a lower usage level. 

Consequently, bakers can use up to five times less GRINDSTED® NG 100 than the hydrated equivalent. GRINDSTED® NG 100 is a next-generation, non-GMO emulsifier that is highly functional and cost effective. Its primary function is starch complexing, which results in improved crumb softness in yeast-raised baked goods.

“During field trials with NG 100, we found it performed on par or better than hydrates and the standard commercial powdered monoglyceride product,” said Flossie Ronnau, Regional Product Manager-Emulsifiers-Bakery. “Resilience, crumb strength and volume of pan breads were equaled in the trial. Using our new monoglyceride powder instead of hydrated pastes, baking manufacturers can achieve similar product yields, using a smaller ingredient amount. This can lead to significant cost savings and big sustainability gains, while giving them an easy-to-use solution.” 

Dry vs. wet

In use for decades, the current market standard ingredient solution – hydrates – is an effective emulsifier solution, yet it comes with a number of drawbacks. Hydrates, as their name suggests, are in a liquid paste format, and by nature are heavier than powder. This impacts transportation, storage and handling costs. 

With GRINDSTED® NG 100, water is not being shipped, which not only reduces costs, it also lowers the product’s carbon footprint by up to 75% in terms of transport emissions, warehousing and landfill. 

Hydrates are also inherently messy, sticky, difficult to remove completely from packaging, and ofttimes a slipping hazard on production floors. As a free-flowing powder, GRINDSTED® NG 100 eliminates these production and safety issues. 

“GRINDSTED® NG 100 is a holistic solution for replacing hydrates,” said Ronnau. “It not only addresses production issues, but it also has a sustainability component, which is equally important today.” 

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