Nexira is pleased to introduce premium ingredient inavea™ PURE ACACIA, an all-natural, organic and GMO-free prebiotic ingredient sourced from carefully selected acacia trees.  inavea™ PURE ACACIA offers a unique sustainable commitment and the value of high digestive tolerance with prebiotic properties for all nutritional foods and beverages.


Acacia gum is a dried exudate from the stem and branches of acacia trees. It is produced by making incisions in the bark of trees. The sap forms nodules which are harvested to be sorted out, cleaned and processed into kibbled acacia gum.

Very early in its history, Nexira began to focus scientific research on the nutritional benefits of acacia as a native source of soluble dietary fiber. More than 40 studies have been performed since the late 1970’s and thanks to Nexira’s support, the acacia prebiotic effect has been largely demonstrated. Thanks to its technological properties, acacia gum powder is easy-to-use in a large array of applications: a yogurt with prebiotic properties, a beverage enriched in acacia fiber or a supplement for immunity and digestive health.


Because your health starts in your gut, by taking care of your gut barrier you will favor your immune system. Nexira’s studies have demonstrated that complementary activities of acacia may help for a complete reinforcement of the gut barrier.

High digestive tolerance

Thanks to its highly branched structure, inavea™ PURE ACACIA is gradually fermented from transverse to descending colon with a high digestive tolerance, up to 50g daily. Certified FODMAP-friendly, our ingredient can be consumed by people with digestive disorders.

Prebiotic effect

Prebiotic effect of acacia has been largely demonstrated for 40 years in more than 40 studies. inavea™ PURE ACACIA has a strong prebiotic effect at a dose of 10g/day, stimulating healthy bacteria and contributing to the Short Chain Fatty Acids production.

Our latest study, using the SHIME model*, has demonstrated an increase of microbiota diversity (healthy marker) thanks to our prebiotic acacia intake.

Our study has demonstrated that healthy strains’ populations are stimulated (such as Bifidobacterium longum, Prevotella sp., F. Prausnitzii, lachnospiraceae and ruminococcaceae), so did the Short Chain Fatty Acids** production (butyrate and propionate).

Gut barrier permeability

Previous studies have demonstrated that inavea™ PURE ACACIA helps to restore the gut barrier by reinforcing the tight junctions.


inavea™ PURE ACACIA offers the value of a clean label in addition to the consumer appeal of 100% vegetable origin. This pure acacia is the perfect clean label ingredient: organic, all-natural, GMO-free, sustainably sourced, minimally processed and providing health benefits.

inavea™ PURE ACACIA has an excellent stability to extreme process and storage conditions. Thanks to its great technical advantages (100% soluble, tasteless, ordorless, colorless, improves mouthfeel, low viscosity, low carb…), inavea™ PURE ACACIA is easy-to-use in a large array of applications (dietary supplements, bakery, confectionery, dairy, beverage for example).


“As the world leader in acacia, Nexira is aware of its responsibility and now will be going one step beyond with inavea™, the first organic and sustainable brand committed to the preservation of Nature’s precious resources,” says Mathieu Dondain, Nexira Managing Director.

Since the early 1970’s, Nexira has been involved in sustainable development and has taken special care to develop and to preserve the origins of the natural raw materials we are sourcing. In association with the NGO SOS SAHEL and its partners, Nexira is particularly involved in sustainable development of acacia forests for future supply. This innovative and collaborative approach combines economic and social development for local populations with environmental protection to prevent deforestation.

Since 2009, 28,000 producers have benefited from the Acacia projects that have led to the following contribution:

PREVENTION against deforestation and desertification:
• 10,845 hectares of reforestation (equivalent to 27,100 acres)
• 2,148,600 planted trees
• 30% less firewood consumption

ACTION in favor of soil fertilization and biodiversity:
• 188,622 acacia trees maintained using the agroforestry ARN practice
​​​​​​​• Development of 9 local conventions for the sustainable management of local resources

SUPPORT of economic and social development diversifying the sources of income in a fragile ecosystem:
​​​​​​​• Construction of 17 water points
​​​​​​​• Embolden woman participation in the decision-making process
​​​​​​​• New school construction
​​​​​​​• Increasing the training of acacia sorting, drying and storage.

Today, Nexira is going one step beyond the path of sustainability with inavea™ by ambitiously enhancing our current commitment to two of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Through these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Nexira will aim for a carbon-neutral footprint for the inavea™ brand. 

“We believe that low environment impact is a major goal, appealing to eco-conscious consumers and necessary to a sustainable growth,” adds Dondain.

Starting in 2020, Nexira will unveil new scientific evidence and technical benefits driven by inavea™, as well as providing new innovative synergies and solutions to the industry.

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