Natural Solutions
At Kalsec, our naturally sourced antioxidants are an effective alternative to synthetics for extending shelf life.  Over 30 years of product development—combined with our long-term grower relationships and natural rosemary seed selection process—results in the highest antioxidant activity found only in Kalsec antioxidants. Herbalox Rosemary Extract is ideal for extending shelf life in products ranging from meats to oils to snacks and is available in low flavor, low aroma products for flavor-sensitive applications.  Our Duralox Oxidation Management Systems combine naturally sourced antioxidants such as Herbalox rosemary, green tea, or acerola extracts with mixed tocopherols and/or the addition of quenchers and chelators. Utilizing component synergism, Duralox Systems provide maximum protection from multiple aspects of oxidative deterioration and are designed for application specific product and processing conditions.
— Kalsec,

Clean Label Solution
Tate & Lyle expanded its line of CLARIA Clean Label Starches with the introduction of CLARIA EVERLAST. Responding to increased consumer demand for simpler labels, Tate & Lyle’s formulation experts created this breakthrough clean label starch to achieve superior shelf stability that helps preserve food quality, especially in extreme storage conditions. CLARIA EVERLAST is one more ingredient that solves the formulation challenges related to refrigerated and freeze thaw stability in categories, including frozen meals, gravies, sauces, yogurts and more. Like other CLARIA products, CLARIA EVERLAST is non-GMO and delivers the process tolerance, clean taste and neutral color expected in a superior clean label starch.

— Tate & Lyle,

Clean Label Appeal
Kemin offers FORTIUM RVC, a consumer-friendly blend of rosemary extract and ascorbic acid to help delay the onset of lipid oxidation in fats and oils to lengthen product shelf life of baking and snack products. It can be used as an alternative to synthetic antioxidants and traditional tocopherols. As manufacturers continue to respond to consumer demand for consumer-friendly labels, FORTIUM RVC helps fill the gap between efficacy and clean label. By utilizing proprietary grinding technology, it ensures small, uniform particle suspension for improved physical stability in each application. Find out more about FORTIUM RVC, as well as the new Kemin Bakery Innovation Center, complete with essential bakery equipment to help customers speed up commercialization.
— Kemin,

Better Beverages
Stability and suspension are often big challenges affecting the shelf life of beverages. As new protein sources come along, so do separation and settling. Nature-based and fermentation-derived KELCOGEL Gellan Gum creates a fluid gel network that helps formulators improve stabilization in plant-based drinks, neutral pH dairy beverages and creamers, and drinking yogurts. Gellan gum provides suspension of insoluble protein, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients to facilitate stability, texture and uniform delivery of nutrients. This multifunctional ingredient also helps create a smooth pour with minimal impact on viscosity. Let us help you maintain consistency over the shelf life of your beverage and support your clean label goals with ingredients that include options that are vegan, non-GMO Project Verified and/or organic compliant.

— CP Kelco, 

Food Safety, Quality
There are two components to shelf life: food safety and quality. The most dominant modes of failure in foods include oxidation and growth of undesirable micro-organisms. In addition to processing and packaging technologies, food preservatives like antioxidants and antimicrobials can be used to maximize the shelf life of foods. In some applications, enzymes can also extend shelf life. For example, the Veron Maxima enzyme from AB Enzymes extends shelf life in bread. At Brenntag Food & Nutrition North America, we carry a complete portfolio of naturally derived and traditionally used chemical preservatives and functional enzymes. Fermentation products of cultured carbohydrates provide label friendlier antimicrobial solutions. In foods containing oils and fats, the use of mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract, and ascorbic acid provide oxidative stability. Our Food & Nutrition Application & Development team can guide you through the best preservatives for your products.

— Brenntag Food & Nutrition North America,

Keep it Clean
Now you can formulate to meet consumer demand for clean and simple labels with Ingredion’s new EVANESSE CB6194 clean label emulsifier, a vegan chickpea broth that delivers the emulsification performance of traditional additives while maintaining the final product’s taste and texture when used alongside Ingredion’s functional clean label starches or flours. A type of aquafaba, the chickpea broth has good heat and freeze/thaw stability and is non-GMO, gluten-free and is not sourced from a major allergen. It is easy to disperse, emulsify and provides good shelf life stability in a range of food applications, including low and high-fat vegan, spreadable, spoonable and pourable dressings (e.g. mayonnaise, aioli, etc.), white cooking sauces (e.g., Alfredo, Béarnaise, bechamel, etc.) and ready meals.

— Ingredion Incorporated,

Better Baking
ISC Gums’ Synergy 11 blend is an all-natural, cold water soluble ingredient that delivers several benefits to bakers. It improves texture and dough characteristics, improves cell structure in the final product, retains moisture and therefore extends shelf life. It provides excellent functionality in gluten free applications. In frozen applications, it increases freeze-thaw stability and reduces syneresis.

— ISC Gums,

Clean Label Appeal 
Since 1946, Holton Food Products has been developing premium stabilizers and specialty ingredients for the bakery, dessert and prepared food industries. Holton’s SIMPLY line of ingredient systems enhance texture, improve quality throughout shelf life and can resolve certain processing issues—all with simple, clean labels. The Spregg line of products help retain moisture of baked goods throughout frozen, refrigerated and ambient shelf life. They also improve dough handling, product consistency and reduce brittleness and breakage in many cases. Our new Spregg CL and Spregg AF formulations offer clean label ingredients with the AF version providing a gluten free/allergen-free option.

— Holton Food Products, a subsidiary of Mantrose-Haeuser Co.,

Replace Sugar, Boost Shelf Life
When it comes to producing medicated hard candies and hard-boiled lozenges, galenIQ 900, the pharmaceutical excipient grade of BENEO’s isomalt, is the number one choice. BENEO’S new galenIQ 900 provides a broad range of benefits, such as low hygroscopicity, which promotes long shelf-life stability; as well as prolonged oral dissolution due to its sustained solubility. Furthermore, the sweet-tasting excipient remains inert in the presence of other components such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and flavorings. Providing only half the calories compared to sucrose, galenIQ 900 is also consumer-friendly by being kind to teeth and having almost no effect on blood sugar or insulin levels, due to its low glycaemic index.


Clean Label Protection
Kerry expanded its clean-label food protection capabilities through two acquisitions—involving IsoAge Technologies and Biosecur Lab Inc.—at the end of 2019. “These acquisitions and expansion of our food protection portfolio solidifies Kerry’s position as a leader in clean-label food protection,” said Neil Cracknell, CEO of Applied Health & Nutrition at Kerry. “Our authentic portfolio of natural solutions helps customers achieve consumer-appealing labels and extend shelf life safely, while at the same time maintaining great taste and texture. When we combine IsoAge Technologies’ natural and sustainable food safety solutions with Biosecur Lab’s natural citrus extract-based antimicrobials and Kerry’s existing food protection solutions, we will be able to protect even more food naturally. Together our combined innovation capability is significant, and we will work collaboratively to develop the future of natural food protection solutions.”

— Kerry Taste & Nutrition,