Sandwich Bread Mix

AKFP’s new King Lion Gluten-Free Bread Mix delivers white sandwich bread with moist, soft texture and appealing crust. It has few ingredients and is non-GMO, clean-label, vegan- friendly and free from egg, dairy, soy and nuts. At the heart of the mix is superfine white rice flour from Japan’s Kumamoto Flour Milling Company. This flour is specially milled from select whole grains—not broken rice. It is ground with minimal starch damage to a fairly uniform size, much finer than most dry-milled rice flours.

— American Key Food Products,

Performance Gums

Nature-based and fermentation-derived KELCOGEL gellan gum has been a go-to ingredient for 30 years. This one, multi-functional ingredient helps solve beverage formulation challenges, including suspension, stabilization and texture. But did you know that CP Kelco also offers gellan gum grades that are gluten free and free from known allergens? We can also support your clean label goals with KELCOGEL gellan gum grades that are vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified and compliant for use in organic dairy and dairy alternative beverages. For gluten-free baking, try our KELTROL xanthan gum to replace the elasticity and texture of gluten in bread and bakery products.

— CP Kelco,

IQF Rice, Grains

Ebrofrost North America offers a two extensive lines of individually quick frozen (IQF) rice and grains for allergen-free formulations. A state-of-the-art, highly automated facility in Memphis, Tenn., ensures all the ingredients are frozen in just seconds after cooking. All IQF rices and grains are gluten free and do not contain any allergens (wheat, egg, soy, fish, crustaceans, milk, peanuts or tree nuts). Conventional and organic rice includes Basmati, Jasmine, Arborio, White & Brown Long Grain, Calrose, Sushi, Red rice, Black rice, and Wild Rice. Conventional and organic grains include Red & White Quinoa, Lentils (red, green, brown) and many more.

— Ebrofrost North America, email to

Plant-based Starches, Texturizers

Cargill’s SimPure native starches—along with custom texturizing systems—help bakers solve common formulation challenges and produce a consumer-friendly label. Cargill also can improve the nutrition profile of gluten-free products without impacting flavor or texture. This includes using whole grains such as ancient grains and MaizeWise corn flour; boosting the protein content with PURIS pea and Prolia soy protein; and increasing dietary fiber content with Oliggo-Fiber chicory root fiber.

— Cargill Incorporated,

High Standards


Consumers have high standards for gluten-free products—particularly for taste and texture. They also increasingly expect these products to feature clean labels with shorter ingredient lists. ADM’s broad gluten-free portfolio includes nutrient-dense, texture-enhancing ingredients like ancient grains, seeds, beans and pulses, in addition to ingredients offering neutral flavor and color profiles such as tapioca starch, sorghum and navy beans. Gluten intolerant or not, there is strong interest in products positioned to support improved gut health. ADM offers dietary fiber, botanicals and one of the industry’s first postbiotics—exciting differentiators for brands developing products tailored to today’s wellness-minded consumers.

— ADM,

Gum Acacia

Gluten-free and allergen-free, gum acacia is a versatile, functional ingredient that aids with emulsifying, stabilizing, texturizing, coating and encapsulating. It also is a 100% all-natural ingredient, organic certified and comes in agglomerated versions. ISC Gums is the leading manufacturer of gum acacia and developer of our own Fusion Stabilizing Systems. No matter the application, ISC Gums’ our team is knowledgeable and our products are innovative. We maintain extensive manufacturing capacity, with facilities located in Europe and North America.

— ISC Gums,

Natural Acacia Gum

Since 1884, Alland & Robert has specialized in acacia gum, a dried exudate coming from two varieties of acacia trees. Acacia gum is an ideal ingredient for gluten-free products, and can help reach satisfactory texture and organoleptic profiles. “Gluten-free formulation can be challenging. As a texturing agent bringing low viscosity, acacia gum can be a solution,” notes Dr. Isabelle Jaouen, Alland & Robert R&D director. In addition, acacia gum can improve the softness and mouthfeel of gluten-free products thanks to an increase of the water retention. Farbest Brands is Alland & Robert’s exclusive US distributor.

— Farbest Brands,

Textured Proteins

ProTerra Breakfast Sausage Patties

MGP Ingredients introduces the ProTerra line of textured proteins. ProTerra expands MGP’s offerings with a new textured pea option that joins its proven textured wheat series (formerly known as TruTex), giving food formulators a range of choices ideal for almost any application. ProTerra is especially suited for use in vegetarian/vegan applications as well as in blended products as an extension or partial substitute for meat. Now with a gluten-free option, ProTerra is produced from non-GMO sources and can be used in clean or simple label products.

— MGP Ingredients, www.mgpingredients/food-ingredients

Rice Options

PGPI produces medium grain and glutinous short grain sweet rice—both grown exclusively in California and Non-GMO Project Verified. We grow our own sweet rice from a special variety of Cal Mochi certified glutinous rice seed, which is sold to our farmers producing the highest quality sweet rice and sweet rice flour. We also offer organic long grain rice flours and meals. In addition to our rice flours, PGPI is a major exporter of rice flour premixes to Japan since 1985. We manufacture Mochi (glutinous short grain) and Uruchi (medium grain) rice flour premixes with sugar or a variety of modified starches, which are used in Japanese confectionery and rice cracker applications.

— PGP International Inc.,

Add Protein, Fiber

From yellow pea, yellow lentil, faba bean, red lentil, green pea and chickpea, HOMECRAFT Pulse flours can replace wheat flour and boost nutritional profiles in vegetarian and gluten-free based food solutions. Or, formulate with bulk flour systems, components and texturizers from a wide range of base materials including tapioca, potato, rice and corn starches, and hydrocolloid gums and fibers. For improved functionality, use HOMECRAFT Create GF 10 and 20 bulk flour systems. In dough systems, you can produce a texture and quality that closely resembles that of gluten-containing products at an affordable cost with the starch-based PRECISA Bake GF modified bulk flour system.

— Ingredion Incorporated,

Allergen Free

HAMULSION Custom Stabilizer Systems from Tate & Lyle are key tools for allergen-free product development. For gluten-free baked goods, we have deep understanding of the impact removing gluten has on the texture and moisture of a finished product, which is why our off-the shelf and customizable blends impart better taste and texture than traditional gluten-free offerings. Our blends act as a complete system in your bakery processes, providing consistent results from batch to batch, and allowing for easy scale up. Tate & Lyle also offers a global database of proven recipes.

—Tate & Lyle, 

Better Blends

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) understands quality gluten-free bakery products are indispensable for those with celiac disease and other medical conditions. It takes a blend of functional ingredients working together to match the textural characteristics of wheat-based bakery products. GPC’s corn-based specialty starches are key functional ingredients in gluten-free applications. INSCOSITY B656 instant modified food starch improves moisture retention, cell structure, and freezer stability in cakes and breads. In cookies and tortillas, INSTANT PURE-COTE B792 modified food starch improves machinability and texture. Unlike other starch alternatives, PURE-DENT B700 corn starch is a bulking agent which leaves little to no powdery mouthfeel. It binds moisture to improve dough handling in bread applications.

— Grain Processing Corporation,

Gluten Free Options

Advanced Food Systems provides gluten- and allergen-free ingredient solutions for various food applications including meat and poultry, seafood, bakery foods, soups and sauces. Recently developed Sealtite Chicken Wing Marinade CL and Seal ‘N Crisp Precoat ORW GF combine to create gluten-free wings that are moist and flavorful on the inside and crispy on the outside after cooking in a home oven. For bakery applications, Advanced Food Systems also offers products for gluten-free muffins, cookies, waffles, pancakes and more. These products provide the texture and flavor of traditional formulations and are easy to prepare.

— Advanced Food Systems,

Texture Solutions

Looking for allergen-free texture solutions? Ingredients Solutions Inc. (ISI) is the answer. Since 1992, ISI has provided full technical support for our customers’ R&D projects. Our specialty hydrocolloids include carrageenan, sodium alginates and propylene glycol alginate, agar, gellan gum, konjac gum, locust bean gum, methyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, pectins, tara gum and xanthan gum. All products are gluten-free, Non-GMO, and non-allergenic. Most are also organic-allowed. ISI has extensive experience with meat, poultry, dairy, snack and dessert applications; as well as vegan meat alternatives and beverages.

— Ingredient Solutions Inc.,

Baby Food to Baked Goods

Baby Being Fed Baby Food

Rivland’s specially prepared organic and conventional rice flours are produced from medium and long grain varieties of rice that are suited for food applications where minimal flavor interference is desired—especially for baby food. Because of its hypoallergenic properties and digestibility, Rivland’s rice flour is the basic ingredient in infant rice cereals and is the preferred thickening agent for baby foods. Rivland’s new gluten free and allergen free Wild Rice Flour brings a nutritious, nutty flavor to baked goods. This new flour is the perfect ingredient for granola bars, multi-grain breads and dry bakery mixes. Rivland Rice-Gel pre-gelatinized rice flour is a key ingredient in sauces, snacks and baked goods.

— Rivland,