ZENB, an online plant-based food brand on a mission to make its plant-forward products more accessible and convenient introduced single-ingredient pastas made entirely from yellow peas with the same taste and texture of regular pasta.
The yellow pea is packed with protein, naturally gluten-free and provides 40% more fiber to yellow pea products when the whole legume, skin included, is used. ZENB Pasta contains 17g of protein, 11g of fiber and 30% fewer net carbs than traditional pasta in each 3oz serving.
Consumer consumption and buying behaviors have evolved this past year, with more people desiring plant-based food choices that do not sacrifice taste. In a recent study by ZENB, 2,000 US consumers were surveyed to find out how the pandemic impacted their eating habits, with results indicating that most US adults are trending toward making better food choices and adapting simple lifestyle changes that can impact their overall health.
While 61% of respondents indicate that taste is one of the top factors when buying food, 48% are hesitant to try plant-based products because they do not think it will taste good. ZENB is working to bridge this gap by changing the perception of plant-based foods with products that taste good and are good for you. 
More than 50% of respondents are cooking more meals at home and 32% are eating healthier with an increase in consumption of fruits and vegetables. In fact, 45% have either tried or are more likely to try plant-based products, supporting the growth of the flexitarian diet trend – a style of eating that embraces the intake of plant-based meals without completely eliminating meat and other animal products.
ZENB Pasta is available in Rotini, Penne and Elbow shapes. First time purchasers can try each variety with the starter pack, which is available for $14.99 with free shipping. Larger quantity boxes of 6 ($29.99) and boxes of 10 ($49.99) can also be ordered for delivery.