Executive Editor-Technical David Feder interviews Zilian Cheuk, Vice-president of Product Development, and Hugo Perez, an executive for ZenB US, Inc., makers of pastas, sauces, and snacks from yellow peas on how the company takes one of the most popular food products around–pasta–and boosts its already favorable digestive health profile by using single-ingredient, yellow peas. ZenB’s yellow pea pasta is not only an excellent mimic for wheat pasta but helps promote digestive health, a key aspect of immunity. Peas are one of the best sources of resistant starch, a form of starch that behaves like a fermentable fiber, feeding beneficial bacteria and stimulating production of short-chain fatty acids that help protect against certain cancers, mitigate inflammation, and enhance satiety beyond what fermentable fibers normally do in promoting the feeling of fullness through physical actions in the g.i. system.

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