Flipz introduced Flipz Stuff’D™ and Flipz Bites™, the newest creations in the Flipz® collection of chocolate covered pretzel snacks. 

Flipz Stuff’D™ are bite-sized pretzel nuggets stuffed with creamy peanut butter and coated in sweet milk chocolate. It’s double the flavor in each poppable bite and a balance of salty, sweet, and crunch.

Flipz Bites™ are gooey, caramel and crunchy salted pretzel balls coated in sweet milk chocolate that deliver salty, sweet, and crunchy combination in an on-the-go bar. Each bar contains 3 snackable clusters.

Flipz Stuff’D™ SRP: 
3.5oz Peg Bag, $2.79, 6.0oz Stand Up Pouch, $3.49
Flipz Bites™ SRP: 
1.52oz, $1.09

Flipz Stuff’D™ and Flipz Bites™, join the Flipz® family of chocolate covered pretzels taking the combination of salty, sweet, and crunchy to new areas of interest