Pilotsfriend energy-boosting beverage, Altitude, is built around an 100% natural ingredients that have been crafted to provide an energy boost that is both distinct and long-lasting. A combination of Kola nut and guarana seed extracts provides an adequate amount of energy.

While the pick-me-up is obviously important, the goal with Altitude is to do more than simply help you stay awake. The drink is also designed to help restore a sense of health and wholeness to the body. This is done through ingredients that address digestion, inflammation, and immunity:

Digestion: For digestion, the brand utilizes great yellow gentian extract, ginger, and cardamom.
Inflammation: Altitude fights inflammation throughout the body by using quinine and black carrot.
Immunity: The beverage boosts the immune system by delivering a dose of apple, orange, lemon, chokeberry, acerola, and cane sugar.

The 100% natural ingredients are organic, GMO-free, vegan, and avoid common artificial additives like taurine and aspartame.