DRY Soda Co. debuted a ready-to-drink, zero-proof craft cocktail: Botanical Bitters & Soda. Available in three distinct flavors – Aromatic, Bright/Herbal and Sweet/Spicy – the beverages deliver flavor complexity and depth without the alcohol, all inspired by the ritual of craft mixology.
DRY Botanical Bitters & Soda deconstructs the essence of conventional bitters by blending notes of botanicals, herbs, and citrus for a complex, multi-layered drinking experience. Whether you want to enjoy the ritual of winding down with a well-made drink at the end of the day without the booze, or are simply looking to drink less alcohol, these multi-faced beverages hit every area on the pallet to awaken the senses. DRY Botanical Bitters & Soda can be enjoyed shaken or on the rocks with an herbal garnish, or mixed as a premium booze-free cocktail.
DRY Botanical Bitters & Soda delivers a truly unique, sophisticated cocktail experience that builds with each sip. Perfect for sober curious cocktail lovers, those who don’t drink alcohol, and people who just want to drink a little less, Botanical Bitters & Soda can be enjoyed all day or night without the hangover. With nearly 60% of no- and low-alcohol consumers opting for both zero-proof and full-strength cocktails during the same occasion (according to new research from IWSR), Botanical Bitters & Soda is also an elevated way to extend each drinking occasion and minimize the negative effects of alcohol by enjoying before or after traditional spirit-based cocktails.
Packaged in premium glass bottles and sold in packs of four, Botanical Bitters & Soda is made with zero sugar, non-GMO ingredients, and natural flavors and extracts that impart a depth of complexity. Additional details include:
• Aromatic – a warm and cheerful blend of orange peel and botanicals with comforting notes of cinnamon and clove for a truly unique bitters profile.
• Bright/Herbal – a refreshing and light balance of ginger, lavender, orange, cardamom, sage, lemon and grapefruit that are ideal for spring.
• Sweet/Spicy – a bold and spicy fusion of peppers like jalapeno and habanero with citrus and lemongrass for a balanced sip of sweet and spicy.
DRY Botanical Bitters & Soda is available at an SRP of $39.99 for a 12-pack online at Amazon.com and www.drinkdry.com. The brand’s cornerstone line, DRY Botanical Bubbly can be found in over 10,000 specialty, natural and traditional grocers, restaurants and bars nationwide.