Hostess Brands, LLC introduced Hostess Muff’n Stix, Pecan Spins and Baby Bundts in response to the uptick in morning snacking. According to the company, a recent study found that as many Americans find themselves increasingly time-crunched in the mornings, sitting down for breakfast is no longer a priority. Instead, consumers are searching for easy-to-grab and portable foods, with about 75% of respondents saying that they snack in the morning.
Hostess Muff’n Stix get a fresh new twist with a uniquely hand-held stick format made for easy, mobile snacking and are available in two delicious flavors. Blueberry Muff’n Stix are made with real blueberries and Chocolate Chip Muff’n Stix are made with real chocolate. The products contain three Stix in each package.
Hostess Pecan Spins feature a sweet cinnamon roll topped with real, crunchy pecans, making it a texture-rich way to add some sweetness to the day. Both Muff’n Stix and Pecan Spins are sized and packaged for ease and convenience, making them an on-the-go snacks and providing a pick-me-up for busy weekday mornings, as well as afternoons or evenings for snackers who crave breakfast-inspired foods all day long. Muff’n Stix and Pecans Spins are available now in convenience stores nationwide.
New Hostess Baby Bundts hit grocery store shelves this June. Available in two flavors, Cinnamon Swirl and Lemon Drizzle, Baby Bundts are a size for an easy breakfast or snack. Cinnamon Swirl Baby Bundts and Lemon Drizzle Baby Bundts are made with moist cake and are topped with a drizzle of sweet icing.