Innophos introduces Textur-Melt® LM89 and DKP (Dipotassium Phosphate), which help stabilize and improve the performance, functionality and quality of drinks that contain protein from sources including whey, collagen, and plant-based sources.

As consumer demand for high-protein beverages continues to grow, product developers are contending with new formulation and supply chain challenges. Many manufacturers are seeking solutions that allow them to incorporate high usage levels of proteins from various plant-based and other sources into ready-to-drink beverages—without losing an ounce of performance. 

The amount of protein listed on the label is a driving factor for consumers when purchasing nutritional drinks. The demand for protein is continuously growing and according to Innova Market Insights, new products launched with “high protein” or “source of protein” positioning in the last five years are +188% (Global, CAGR 2016-2020 YTD). 

Additionally, product developers are seeking alternative protein sources now more than ever, due to protein shortages caused by the pandemic and the need to bring on-trend products to the market. As plant-based eating moves from trending to mainstream, formulating new plant-based protein beverages answers the need for alternative protein options while appealing to the growing number of plant-based consumers. In fact, Innova indicates a +68% annual growth in food & beverage launches with a “plant-based” claim.

“Textur-Melt® LM89 offers processors buffering capabilities and also prevents age gelation for plant-based protein beverages,” says Amr Shaheed, Manager of Technical Services, Innophos, Inc. “Other solutions on the market may just offer buffering. A buffer is a solution that can resist pH change upon the addition of an acidic or basic component. It can neutralize small amounts of added acid or base, thus maintaining the pH of the solution as relatively stable. This is important for processes and/or reactions, which require specific and stable pH ranges. The protein then becomes more soluble, more stable and goes through the heat exchanger of the pasteurization process without issues. Phosphates are known to be strong buffers, so product developers need to use only a small dosage to be effective compared to non-phosphate ingredients. This results in lower cost-in-use and extends the shelf life of the product as it improves stability.” 

Innophos Textur-Melt® LM89 is a solution for longer shelf life, texture improvement and flavor protection. It delivers many advantages including:

• PREVENTS AGE GELATION– stops the formation of a voluminous three-dimensional protein network that causes the beverage to lose fluidity.

• STABILIZES PROTEIN–ensures stability and consistency throughout the heating process and on the shelf.

• ALLOWS ALTERNATIVE PROTEIN USE–plant-based proteins can be used in the current manufacturing process.

• PROVIDES BETTER FUNCTIONALITY–improves the texture and appearance, while protecting the flavor of the beverage

“DKP (Dipotassium Phosphate) is another great solution for challenging vegan protein beverages,” adds Shaheed. “While it is a well-known phosphate, its functionality in plant-based applications has only recently been discovered. Most importantly, DKP meets the standards of USDA National Organic Program (NOP) and can be a critical differentiator in organic products. At Innophos, our team of experts is here to help manufacturers improve the performance, functionality and quality of today’s most challenging plant-based protein products.”

Innophos offers a full range of phosphate solutions to help food processors develop healthier, tastier, and more convenient meat, seafood, and poultry products while simultaneously improving efficiency and reducing costs. From retaining moisture and reducing sodium, to achieving peak flavor and texture, Innophos ingredients offer multiple benefits that align with the latest consumer trends, to please both manufacturers and consumers. Learn more about the full range of Innophos food and beverage solutions including phosphates, minerals, and more.

About Innophos 

Innophos is a leading international producer of specialty ingredient solutions that deliver far-reaching, versatile benefits for the food, health, nutrition and industrial markets. We leverage our expertise in the science and technology of blending and formulating phosphate, mineral, enzyme and botanical based ingredients to help our customers offer products that are tasty, healthy, nutritious and economical. Headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey, Innophos has manufacturing operations across the United States, in Canada, Mexico and China.