Prepared Foods profiles new protein beverages for retail.


Multi-Serve Option

Danone North America, Broomfield, Colo., kicked off a new year with a new product: Silk ULTRA, a three-item line for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and others looking to incorporate more protein into daily diets. 

Officials say Silk ULTRA is one of the first multi-serve beverages on the market with 20g of complete plant-based protein, in addition to calcium, vitamins A and D, as well as vitamins B2 and B12. It is available in multi-serve cartons in Creamy Chocolate, Unsweet, and Original, which contains 2.5 times the protein of traditional dairy milk, the company says.

“Fitness enthusiasts know that protein plays a critical role in supporting muscle performance, and serious athletes are incorporating more plant-based options into their diets and training regimens,” said Andrew Hartshorn, senior vice president, plant-based food and beverages for Silk. “As the experts in developing delicious plant-based beverages for over 30 years, Silk saw a real consumer need for a great-tasting plant-based beverage in the protein space. Silk ULTRA delivers complete plant-based protein and truly delicious taste, so athletes don’t have to compromise.”

Silk ULTRA is available at a suggested retail price of $4.99 for a 59oz. carton in the refrigerated grocery section.


Power Up!

fairlife Core Power Elite Strawberry Protein Shake

Last fall saw fairlife LLC, Chicago, expand its Core Power Elite protein shake line with a Strawberry flavor. 

Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who opt for a significant amount of protein to help support their post-workout recovery, the Core Power Elite line delivers 42g of complete protein in each 14oz bottle with 230 calories, nine essential amino acids, and 7g or 8g of sugar. The new Strawberry variety joins Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. 

Officials say Core Power protein shakes are made with real cows’ milk using fairlife's patented cold-filtration system to concentrate the protein and some of the electrolytes naturally found in the milk. The high-quality protein from milk naturally contains whey and casein proteins, which deliver amino acids to help support post workout recovery while building and repairing lean muscles. Real milk also contains the electrolytes sodium, potassium and calcium, which help maintain normal muscle function.

The shakes also are lactose-free, gluten-free, and are made without the use of artificial growth hormones, the company says. They also are ultra-pasteurized for a long shelf life and the new Core Power Elite Strawberry can be found in stores nationwide in single serve 14oz bottles, as well as in 12-packs at and

In partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, Core Power high protein shakes are distributed throughout the United States and Canada.


Mocha Mushroom

Z Natural Foods Mocha Mushroom Whey Protein

Z Natural Foods, West Palm Beach, Fla., kicked off 2021 with new Mocha Mushroom Whey Protein as a boost to workout and post-workout nutrition routines. 

Officials say the product blends grass-fed whey isolate, keto-friendly MCT oil, extra rich chocolate (100% cacao) and a Colombian dark roast.  Each serving contains 20g of protein combined with Lion's Mane mushroom extract and Cordyceps mushroom extract. Extra rich cacao (100% cacao) gives the mocha a dark chocolate flavor with antioxidants. 

"The whey protein alone provides a long list of extraordinary health benefits, but with the incredibly healthy Lion's Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms, no other coffee mushroom drink comes close to this powerful superfood for cellular growth, repair and antioxidant density, said Jon Parker, director of nutrition science for Z Natural Foods. 

"It's almost like drinking silk chocolate,” he added. “We added the MCT oil because it won't spike sugar levels and gives the mocha a creamy, smooth texture. And with no added gums, fillers and no so-called 'natural flavors' hiding bad ingredients, each drink is tasty and nutritious."

Mocha Mushroom Whey Protein Isolate Powder is $19.99 per 1 lb. or $74.99 for 5 lbs. Special pricing may be available for large quantities. This product is packaged in airtight stand-up, resealable foil pouches to maintain freshness for customer convenience.


Recovery Water

Three Bottles of Ascent Recovery Water

After introducing Ascent Recovery Water last year, Leprino Performance Brands LLC, Denver, came back this March to say Sprouts Farmers Market will carry the line at more than 360 stores in 23 states nationwide.

Ascent Recovery Water is a ready-to-drink, water-based beverage with 20g of whey protein and electrolytes for hydration. Each serving has just 100 calories and zero artificial ingredients. . Recovery Water is currently available in three flavors—Fruit Punch, Pineapple Coconut, and Watermelon—and Ascent says it plans a fourth flavor this year.

"Sprouts is a great fit for Ascent and our mission to help athletes naturally improve their athletic performance,” said Josh Haskins, head of sales for Ascent Protein. “Recovery Water is a breakthrough in ready to drink protein beverages, and our partnership with Sprouts allows consumers to conveniently find their favorite protein products while doing all of their weekly shopping."

Since launching in 2016, Leprino says its Ascent business has quickly grown into a leading sports nutrition brand with “the highest consumer rating among the Top 20 Whey protein brands on Amazon.” Interestingly, Ascent is one of the only sports nutrition brands that produces and sources its own  protein—filtering it from its own facilities and sourcing milk from local dairy farmers in Northern Colorado.


Healthy Height

Healthy Height Protein Beverage

Israel’s Nutritional Growth Solutions Ltd. (NGS), Tel Aviv, debuted its Healthy Height protein beverage line in the European Union, thanks to a three-year distribution agreement with Italian product distributor, Dicofarm. Officials say the launch of Healthy Height in Italy brings the number of Healthy Height markets to five – including China, North America, India and Israel.

Healthy Height is sold in Italy under the name “Dico Up.”

In a separate press release (announcing the company’s distribution in China), officials note Healthy Height was developed and tested by pediatricians to give a holistic solution to nourish growing children primarily in the 3 to 9-years age group, including those children who lack nutrition due to health issues that can impair eating.

Healthy Height contains 12g whey protein per serving, with high-quality ingredients, and without corn syrup or other additives. It is gluten-free, soy-free, no GMO, and includes 350mg of the vital amino acid arginine per serving. It also is low in sugar and sodium. Healthy Height also can be mixed into ice cream or pancake batters as well as in shakes or smoothies.