Enlightened, a feel-good dessert brand, introduced a frozen line of sugar-free ready-to-bake cookies. The innovation furthers Enlightened's mission of cutting sugar from familiar treats.

Low-carb dessert lovers can enjoy hot, oven-fresh cookies that are made with 0g of added sugar and just 2g of net carbs per cookie. Traditional ready-to-bake cookies can have up to 15g of added sugar per serving.

The new collection of Ready-to-Bake Cookies is available in three flavors, Chocolate Chip, P.B. Chocolate Chunk and Double Chocolate, all packed with a key ingredient: chocolate chunks. Each keto-friendly flavor bakes in under 15 minutes.

Enlightened uses high-quality ingredients, including allulose, low-calorie rare sugar, and Bay State Milling Company's HealthSense, a high-fiber wheat flour, to achieve the perfect texture, taste and nutrition in its cookies. This high-fiber flour, also featured in Enlightened's Sugar-Free Cones, delivers up to 10 times the amount of dietary fiber of traditional wheat flour while maintaining the taste and performance of traditional refined wheat flour.

Enlightened's Ready-to-Bake Cookies are packaged 12 to a box (SRP $8-10). Available now on EatEnlightened.com, they will also appear in select grocery stores, such as Sprouts Farmers Market, Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods, this year.