Today’s discerning consumers want to make smart choices that support their health, without having to sacrifice the pleasure of indulgence. With this new addition to their chocolate line, JOYÀ delivers a decadent, functional chocolate. Crafted from ethically-sourced, certified organic plant-based ingredients (single-origin heirloom cacao, coconut sugar and an efficacious dose of lion’s mane mushroom extract), this handcrafted chocolate is a satisfying and elevated health-promoting snack.

Lion’s mane is one of the most widely researched and prized functional mushrooms and works in harmony with cacao to deliver powerful antioxidants and immune support. An added bonus, this smooth and decadent bar has zero mushroom taste. Each 1oz snack size bar contains 2g each of protein and fiber, and only 1g of sugar, and is vegan, paleo and keto-friendly. 

JOYÁ’s Dark Chocolate with Lion’s Mane is available for purchase online at for a limited time with pricing at $5.50 per bar or $49.50 for a 10-pack.