AIDP, Inc. has offers the Ultimine™ brand of whole food derived minerals from Cura Global Health Inc., Ames, Iowa. Ultimine™ is a line of whole-food minerals derived from natural fermentation of Koji fungi (Aspergillus oryzae). The minerals—including iron, zinc and multi minerals—are taken up by the fungus through a patented fermentation and harvesting process to yield highly bioavailable minerals. 

In one study of Ultimine™ iron from Koji, bioavailability was similar to ferrous sulfate, the gold standard of iron bioavailability. In another study, Ultimine™ iron from Koji was absorbed more than 2.8 x better than the standard iron used in fortified food (ferric pyrophosphate). 

Additionally, the sustained absorption mechanism seen with Ultimine™ minerals, reduces the often negative GI effects seen with iron fortification. The Ultimine™ line of products offers brands looking to differentiate the benefit of formulating with clinically validated wholefood minerals. These products meet consumers’ demand for fermented, minimally processed, wholefood sources of nutrition.

During the past 10 years, Cura Global Health, Inc. has developed Ultimine™ whole food fermented minerals suitable for dietary supplements, food and beverage products. Cura invented "Koji Inspired Wellness"™ to produce a complete range of natural and whole food minerals with strong clinical support demonstrating both efficacy and safety.

According to NBJ, the mineral market is 6% of the US supplement market making it a $3.5 billon category growing more than 11% in 2020. As mineral depletion has occurred in our foods and the soil in which they are grown, it is important to replace with natural supplements. Ultimine™ provides highly bioavailable option for both supplement and food manufacturers. Ultimine™ minerals also are a great alternative for companies involved in combating malnutrition and developing improved products for mineral fortification.

“AIDP is excited to be the exclusive supplier of the Ultimine™ line of minerals for the Americas,” said Mark Thurston, President AIDP. “We believe these unique, food-derived, bioavailable minerals, fermented from Koji fungi have a large market potential.” 

About AIDP, Inc.
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About Cura Global Health, Inc.
Cura Global Health, Inc. has over the last 10 years developed Ultimine™ whole food fermented minerals suitable for dietary supplements, food and beverage products. Based in Ames, Iowa, Cura Health Global’s vision is to launch Ultimine™ fermented minerals as a global humanitarian brand.