AIDP, Inc. announced findings of a recent bioavailability study on VegD3®, a vegan, organic form of vitamin D3. The study was completed in Ireland through the research and development business, AnaBio Technologies Ltd., together with University College Dublin in 2020. 

Healthy volunteers received a daily dose of 600iu VegD3®. Vitamin D plasma levels were evaluated at baseline and at seven days. Participants saw an average increase of 33nmol/L (13.45ng/mL), which is approximately 77.3% above baseline. The results were statistically significant, and participants who were vitamin D deficient at baseline increased to sufficient vitamin D plasma levels by the end of the seven-day test period. The study confirmed that VegD3® is a bioavailable source of vitamin D3, supporting the existing analytical data.

AIDP’s VegD3 is the only pure, plant-based vitamin D3 that can be used as a 1:1 replacement for the animal sourced D3. From a sustainable algae source, it offers superior purity and quality to the lanolin D3. The fully traceable supply chain is pesticide, protein and heavy metal compliant. It is Vegan Society approved and there are no supply limitations. This is the only organic crystal Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) for vegans. This is a truly exceptional product for vegans.

AIDP’s VegD3® has excellent organoleptic properties and is highly stable making it ideal for all types of beverages. Vitamin D has been included in milk and juices, respectively, for decades. The change has been in areas such as technologies for improved absorption, and plant-based alternatives to synthetic or animal-derived ingredients.

The awareness of vitamin D grew in 2020 for its role in supporting immune health. Studies on vitamin D and immunity grew over 25% in 2020 vs. 2019. More than 350 publications have evaluated the role of vitamin D in reducing severe outcomes from compromised immune systems. Consumers are seeking vitamin D and now those practicing a vegetarian or vegan diet have a highly bioavailable option.

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