Health Via Modern Nutrition (H.V.M.N.), a metabolic health company and drinkable ketone technology pioneer, announced the next-generation of its proprietary drinkable ketone, Ketone-IQ™. H.V.M.N. was founded in 2014 by Stanford University alumni Michael Brandt and Geoffrey Woo to identify better methods of manufacturing and productizing ketones while empowering bodies to unlock their optimal metabolic state. These scientific advances arrive at a time when our metabolism is under attack – only 12% of Americans are metabolically healthy.

Ketones are a natural source of energy for the body. They are often created when stored carbohydrates are depleted, triggering the body to convert fat into ketones for fuel. Unlike fats, ketones can cross the blood-brain barrier allowing them to fuel both the brain and the body. Often described as “The Fourth Macronutrient,” ketones are a source of fuel outside of the traditional macronutrient categories: fat, carbohydrates, and protein. When ketone levels are elevated, one has the potential to experience myriad health benefits, including but not limited to, sustained energy, boosted endurance, enhanced mental clarity, and appetite control.

Activating ketone production through diet or exercise takes a lot of time, patience, and effort, and usually involves fasting or following a strict keto diet. With the introduction of Ketone-IQ, H.V.M.N. harnesses the efficacy of ketones into a daily drink. Ketone-IQ functions for two phases of life: (1) For those living metabolically healthy lifestyles by adhering to exercise and a diet regimen, Ketone-IQ helps to compound those lifestyle benefits; (2) For those not living up to their metabolic health potential, Ketone-IQ allows them to tap into the benefits of ketones and get back on track.

Over the last 18 months, the H.V.M.N. team has worked to reengineer the world’s first drinkable ketone, H.V.M.N. Ketone 1.0, to achieve three main objectives: better taste, lower price, and longer duration of elevated ketones. Ketone-IQ is 66% cheaper than H.V.M.N.’s inaugural drink and now elevates ketone levels in the body for six hours, an improvement from the previous three to four.

 Ketone-IQ is available for $120 for a 3-pack of 10 servings each at