FFUPs, the new innovative snack brand, launched a line of puffs, available in five savory and sweet flavors: Semi-Historic Sour Cream & Onion, Professional Salt & Vinegar, Grocery Store Cheddar, Unambiguous Cinnamon Toast, and Instant Hot Chocolate. FFUPs (puffs spelled backwards, but wrong) are crunchy and flavorful, and put texture, seasoning, and taste at the forefront, rather than health claims and the nutritional profile. Founded by self-proclaimed snack expert Sam Tichnor, FFUPs aims to be a stand out in the snack category with nostalgic and decadent flavors, and the ideal crunchy, yet light, craveable texture. Created for the junk-food fanatic, FFUPs are available for nationwide shipping on FFUPs.com.

FFUPs launches with five not healthy, just cravable flavors made with high quality ingredients, including:

Semi-Historic Sour Cream & Onion - a crunchy and savory bite doused in classic sour cream & onion seasoning

Professional Salt & Vinegar - an ideal balance of piquant and salty

Grocery Store Cheddar - the most craveable version of a classic cheddar puff

Unambiguous Cinnamon Toast - coated with the warm, sweet, and nostalgic flavor of cinnamon sugar

Instant Hot Chocolate - reminiscent of classic hot-cocoa powder, this puff is sweet, with hints of chocolate and mini marshmallows

FFUPs are available for national shipping on FFUPs.com, and can be ordered in packs of six bags for $35 and twelve bags for $59.